System shuts down after 15 seconds.

Hi all,

I just put together a system for my aunt, but so far it hasn't gone my way.
It boots up, I see the main screen, but after 15 seconds or so, it shuts down.
The 15 seconds isnt' always the case, if I turn it on once again right after it shuts down, it shuts down sooner. Like 10 seconds, then 5 seconds.

I have an ASUS P5N-3 SLI motherboard, e-GeForce 9600GT, Q6600, 4 gigs of G.Skill Ram. 500g hard drive. and a dvd-burner. The case has a 500W power supply. I'm thinking it might be possible its not enough power from power supply to power up the 9600gt?

Here is the case.

I have put together a system together, so im not completely new at this. To the best of my knowledge, everything seems to be correct. I double checked all the wiring, triple checked all the wiring. Reduced ram to just 1 stick. This problem is just very consistent.

I appreciate any help! Thank you!

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  1. These are the exact symptoms of an overheating processor.
    Check out your heatsink installation.
  2. I shall try to remove the CPU and re-install it again. But it seems to be properly installed.

    Anyone else have ideas?

    Also, there were holes for only 6 grounded screws. When i installed the P5k on MY pc, there were 9 i believe. At first, i thought i was missing some holes, but I guess some motherboards only need 6 instead of 9?
  3. sounds to me that it's an overheating issue :)

    For the screws, don't worry about that, different mobo can have different screws number, TBH I'm never count it :)
  4. Did you get into the BIOS at all to check the temps before it shut down?
    If you did, what where those temps?
    Did you check to see if the CPU fan was working properly?

    You mentioned that there where only 6 holes on the motherboard, did you make sure to remove any unneeded standoffs from the motherboard tray? If there is any standoffs in a place where there is no mounting hole the standoff could be causing a short, which might cause your power supply to shutdown.
  5. All fans were working properly. Everything looked pretty good. I double checked the CPU, and still I receive the same problem.

    What else can this possibly be?
  6. Right click My Computer click Properties -> Advanced -> Startup and Recovery. Uncheck Automatically restart. It should give you a blue screen that may give you some indication as to the cause.
  7. heat or the case PSU
  8. It's either Heat or your PSU. Try unplugging all of your devices except the video card, 1 stick of ram, & cpu. you should be able to get in the bios. You can also try the same with an older video card. If it still shuts down, reseat you cpu making sure to use new thermal paste. If all else fail, try a higher psu supply - that card requires a minimum 500 watts psu.
  9. What's your cooler, and what kind of thermal compound did you use?

    What's your PSU? The ones that are included with cases can be kind of cheap and crummy - not always, but usually. The PSU is the one component you don't want to "cheap-out" on.
  10. did you connect the PCIe power to the video card? i had the EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS when i got my 3870X2 because the beast DEMANDED both PCIe plugs be inserted. It's a steel case? you may have a grounding issue on the back side. slip a sheet of paper in back there to be sure.
  11. Sounds like heat, either of the CPU or perhaps inside the PSU. The Antec one you got should be good though. Most other cheap ones in cases probably should not be trusted at anything over 60% of their rating.
    The CPU cooler can seem to be firmly mounted, but if it is rubbing on something on the mobo, it may not be properly seated on the CPU.
  12. Just get into the BIOS very quickly at startup and see if you see any heatissues. if the temps look alright its something else :P
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