Does ATI AIW X800XT work with ECS K7S5A Pro Rev.5.0?

Hi all,

I just picked up a AIW X800XT and plugged it into an old computer. The computer is using the ECS K7S5A Pro Rev.5.0 Motherboard. It is using an existing TNT2 64mb AGP video card. Everything works fine, but when I switch it with the X800, the computer doesn't even POST. So I'm wondering if its a computability issue or the card simply is broken?

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  1. Hmm... So that X800XT is an AGP card?

    Even then, does that video card requires extra power cables?
  2. Yes it does. Actually...I've just figured out something.

    I have 2 ECS boards of the same model...I just tried it with the other one and it works!!

    But with the existing one, I don't know if its because of the 300w generic p/s or something is up with the driver update. I've just downloaded some SiS AGP driver from ECS, shut down computer, turn it back on and it doesn't work no more...

    There is power, fans are all spinning so is the video card fan, but it just won't boot. Hope I didn't break something.
  3. The card works, but the drivers doesn't seem to work...its kind of getting annoying too T_T This is an old computer, replaced existing video card which was nvidia...with like 64mb or 32mb?

    First off...I don't have the original AIW software CD so I get all my drivers from the ATi website. Their newest driver seems to be Ver 8.3. I downloaded it and installed the Display Driver.
    Computer restarted after installation -> Log into windows -> things are fine for like 10 secs then computer restarts by itself -> sometimes load into windows other times I get stuck with black screen after trying to load Windows, then I would have to manually restart it. Is this normal?

    2. The WDM integrated driver, after installation, it tells me to restart so I press OK. But the program does not I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to End Task. I don't even know if the driver is installed correctly...had this problem everytime I tried installing it.

    3. Multimedia Center, after installation, I get like 3-4 pop-up windows saying Windows has just recovered from a Serious Error...what's going on here? I tried opening some of the MMC applications and they work EXCEPT the TV player, which i need the most too T_T. It says that:

    "The TV player failed to initialize.

    Check the Windows Device Manager to ensure that the correct video driver has been installed and is working properly before attempting to restart TV"

    So it means that my Display Driver isn't working? Even though I check the Device Manager, the driver seems up to date...

    4. The graphics lags. I'm using 1280 x 1024 resolution. Something as simple as scrolling up and down in IE7 or Mozilla Firefox, it lags pretty horribly. So I'm wondering if the driver was even properly installed.

    5. I looked into the ECS website, there's this SiS AGP VxD Driver. I tried downloading it on my other computer with the same board, but after installation, the computer doesn't does not boot, doesn't even POST. So I don't know if the driver killed my other comp T_T

    Any help or suggestion would greatly be appreciated.

    Thanks all
  4. Unless AMD/ATI changed things (or unless you know of some type of hack), the MMC install *REQUIRES* the original ATI Software CD. If I remember correctly, this is how they determine you've actually purchased the hardware (a requirement for downloading the software). If at all possible, contact the seller/giver and try to get that CD.

    Note: The MMC install package has nothing to do with the Driver install, other than the drivers need to be installed prior to the MMC install. (See here for components included).

    -Wolf sends

    Edit: The "TV player failed to initialize" error message your getting is likely because the decoder did not install properly (since you don't have the CD).

    The lagging graphics could possibly be due to the limitations of the system you have it installed in or your power supply. I purchased a similar graphics card (AIW X800XL) for my older Athlon XP system and could never get it to run. I eventually RMA'ed it for a 7800GS. That card gave me crashing issues until I replaced the power supply (went from 400watts to 500watts. Don't remember what the amperage difference was). Even though the crashing stopped, the system still lagged in games. Moved that card into a newer s939 system and it worked as expected (no more lag).
  5. Yea, i'm guessing b/c of the old systems limitations there is lag.

    the rig is:
    AMD Athlon XP1800+
    1gb DDR266
    ATi X800XT AIW
    Enermax? 400W
    120gb IDE HD
    2x CD roms
    ECS K7S5A Pro

    I'll try to get ahold of a cd and see if it works. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. 300w generic PSu isn't enough for that card.

    Also, I tell ya I have been having issues with ATI's new drivers and their old cards that have Video In. A customer updated his X800 pro VIVO to the Cat 8.2 and the new driver didn't play nice with it at all. You should be able to get the card to function, but may not get video capture to work with that unified stream driver crap. You would be better off finding old Cat 6.2 drivers and matching MMC for those cards. Problem is ATI no longer posts pre 7.x catalysts on their site.

    Also make sure to have dot net 2.0 installed or CCC won't work.
  7. oh yea, i have the .Net framework 2.0 installed already because I got a message saying that installation won't start or whatever without the framework 2.0.

    That's what I was thinking regarding the newer drivers. I was trying to look for the old ones but to no avail. I probably need to sniff out the original installation disk somewhere T_T
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