hd led activity mod

like these:


i really wanna create this, or something similar i have 3 hds, (sata) but only one activity light...
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  1. u really need a '67 TB to create that I think.


    Guy's that have only one can still perform fine, like this.

  2. ?????????????????
  3. LOL badge...

    i think you will find its not seperate hdd activity... its more just one hard drive activity wired so that on so many milli/second use the lights build up and when not in use they slowly go away.
  4. well thats good too :)
  5. It's from the EXIT at the L.A. county jail. No. Isn't it from a X Box (one of the Game Boxes). You would have to have the light and the mount. I prefer the Thunderbird.
  6. what the hell r u on about?
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