I forgot the Hdd password to my Acer aspire window XP . Is there any way I can ever get on my computer without a boot disk.
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  1. Possibly a BIOS reset may do it, although if it's set in the hard drive, you may not be able to. Check on your PC model documentation on how to reset the BIOS, usually a jumpter on the motherboard you can set.
  2. a reset on the BIOS (achieved by removing the batter from the motherboard (looks like a quarter) and then waiting 5 seconds before re-inserting it.) might solve it if it is in the BIOS, but for it to be on the hard drive, means that it is stored in "long term" memory, and not the flash memory of the motherboard. Due to this, it will take a program (which i can not vouch for or verify the authenticity of). See the following link and it might be able to help you out.
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