Idle Temps on Q6600

Just wondering what a good idle is...

Have my Q6600 (G0) at 3.2 (9x356) with 1.29v on it (1.27ish after vdroop).

I am idling at roughly 37, 39, 36, 36 (sometimes ~1 C higher or lower depending on ambient temperature). At full load (Prime 95 x64, large FFTs, 6 hours) I hit ~55 on my hottest core.

Can someone tell me what a good idle is? I think <40 is ok, but will it be detrimental to the chip in the long run?

Would lapping my Hyper TX-2 be worth it? Could I have applied my thermal paste better (I used Arctic MX-2, spread it against the base of the cooler's grain with cling wrap on my finger)?
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  1. As long as it's <40c, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Lapping usually doesn't give you much benefit; probably 2-3c cooler.
  2. your temps should be fine. they are still in the specified temperature range by intel. i have my Q6600 G0 at 3.0 Ghz with 1.272 V and my temps are almost the same as yours.
  3. yeah anymore than 40 and you could start having problems when you load your cpu up, saying that i run at 45ish but once my cpu gets hoter than 50 the rest of the case fans go wild to keep it down.
  4. Those temps are fine, nothing to worry about at all. My E6600 idles in the mid 40s to low 50s.
  5. mai E4400 idles 35-40 load 70+ lol! still ok-ish though cos in no matter wat i do i never get much above 60C... only 70+ in orthos :P
  6. Thanks, guys!

    Now I feel ok about things. Can anyone recommend a good temp. monitor?

    I have RealTemp, but it's weird sometimes...

    Is SpeedFan better? Core Temp?
  7. well no matter what you get you will probably have to calibrate it for the 6600...
  8. Both real temp and core temp are good. You'll have to calibrate both for the correct TjMax.
  9. The Q6600, being a 65nm CPU, is not prone to nearly as much error as its 45nm counterparts. With the "correct" TjMax, you should be showing reasonably accurate temperatures no matter which program you use. My preference is RealTemp though. Make sure you get the latest beta which has TjMax set at 100C already, which is about what it should be. Come October 21, we'll know for sure.
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