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Unable to instal Intel Wireless Proset 2200bg driver on my Dell Inspiron 630m after an inplace upgrade of windows XP home edition (have done inplace upgrade in the past, but never faced this problem, so problem not related to the upgrade). Never had the problem earlier. If the driver is uninstalled from device manager, the drivers get reinstalled on reboot. This is of no use. Unless the program is installed using set up, both the wireless manager and the ballon indicating the wireless is connected or not do not appear. Besides, command line ipconfig /all also shows media disconnect in case of wireless. have used the same modem (Belkin) as well as the wireless drivers earlier and installed them and reinstalled the several times, but never had a problem in the past. Have written Dell. Not having heard from them till now, I assume they have no clue as usual. Incidentally, can there be a connection with Windows Installer. Installer is not being accessed for the first---along with the Intel wireless driver problem.
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  1. check online at and look for drivers. Locate your computer, and see if Dell has a wireless driver or compatible software. Dells are a pain (from my experience) to do any modifications, regardless of how simple.
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