8600GTS + Nvidia 169.21 Drivers = WTF HAPPENED TO MY CLONE TV

To anyone willing to help me, here is my problem:

I have an Nvidia 8600gts and ive been using it with my samsung tv in clone mode for the past 6 months with no trouble. However i just updated the nvidia drivers and now im greeted with "no signal" on my samsung tv even though the nView control panel says im running in clone mode with my tv. wtf!?

Please help, Thanks
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  1. ok, an update already. it appears it is intermitent. it will work, then it wont work it will work then it wont. then ill change resolution for a game and it will work, then ill go back to desktop and it will stop, then ill load a game and it will work then ill go back to my desktop and that works again. anytime i change resolution or refresh rate it is hit or miss as to whether or not it is going to work. i dont get it, it was fine before. everything is plugged in just awesome as well, it a detection issue with the driver or something..... -_-
  2. can anyone help me with this? im stumped :(
  3. I would imagine the only person who can help you is the writer of those drivers. I am of course being a tad facetious. Unless you absolutely have to have these drivers then get shot of them, and either reinstall your older ones or get one of the beta ones on nvidia site. I also run my tv via clone and since switching from ati to nvidia and found their drivers on the tv front found wanting.
  4. Could try these as well they are 3rd party, but I used to use some of his drivers on my old ATI card without much trouble.

  5. lm wtf too.just installed window 7 beta l`v got a nivdia 9600 gt vid card but theses no clone for my tv.its a anolog tv.we dont have digital lm in the country and lm useing the drivers that came with the udate + l`v tryed installing nivdias latest driver`s but no go.l think its a window problem.lm very piss off. why stuff around with the drivers that work microsoft or nivida.go figga microsoft or nivdia out.is there a fix or do l have too install my vista to fix it.
  6. 1: Don't bump 1yr old threads
    2: Its a M$ BETA, of course things don't work
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