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The installed program became corrupted. Now the program will not install from original disk, although the computer reads all the files on the disk. I've tried 'Autorun' and 'Setup.exe', but the installation screen never appears. Another computer will install the program, but it is needed on the original computer.
I ran Microsoft Fixit for the drive and installed the latest Windows Installer; still no luck.
Any suggestions as to what may be wrong with the computer or system?
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  1. Have you tried to shutdown the computer, restart it, and then install the program. There could be a process that it is trying to run that is stuck and wont close/end after your first attempt to install it. If that is not the case, you should be able to contact Adobe through the following link:

    Additionally, make sure you uninstall the program before installing it. (make sure all of the programs saved files are tucked away in a different folder to remove any chance for them to be deleted by the new install/removal of old software.)
  2. Tried all of those methods. Went to Microsoft and Adobe, but received no help.
    Got out my Windows XP installation disk and did a repair to the system and reinstalled PhotoDeluxe. Now everything works fine.
    Thanks for the reply.
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