DG31PR + Q6600 OC please HELP..!!!!!

Is there absolutely no way to OC the Q6600 on DG31PR?
See sig. for sys. specs.

Also, is it possible to OC a processor on one mobo and run it with the new FSB on a diff. computer?
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  1. Guys, please reply!!!
  2. You should be able to overclock it, although it wouldn't be my choice. Unfortunately, the BIOS guide from the Intel site covers a whole bunch of mobos and not all of them have all the settings. I hate Intel's redheaded stepchild attitude toward their mobos.

    Also the max RAM voltage is 1.9V. What exactly is your RAM?
  3. Well?

    What exactly is your RAM?

    Do you want any help or not?
  4. I dunno, its 2x2GB DDR2 800 MHz Strontium
  5. But mainly , are there overclocking features in the BIOS?
  6. I'm pretty sure you can OC. It may be harder, because it is an Intel mobo and also a P31. If you don't even know what your RAM is, then you should probably spend some time on the forums learning the basics. Spending some time may save your machine.

    Read some of the stickies at the top of the sections. When you have the basics PM me and I will help you.
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