OC Q6600

Major prob. I have Intel DG31PR + Q6600+ 400w PSU + stock fans
I wanna OC to 3 GHz :( HELP!!!
I'm counting on you guys
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  1. dont overclock if your using stock heatsink. the high temps will kill your processor.
  2. ^^ what he said. intel boards are not good for overclocking
  3. when you do go to overclock, 3 GHz is the "easiest" to hit because of the 6850, same chip, same multiplier, different bus. Just raise the bus up to 333 from 266, and up the voltage to ~1.25-1.3. Have your memory run however you want it, minimum DDR-2 667. Leaving it on auto most every board will take care of the voltage and it will work fine. 333x9= 3 GHz.

    Being a stock intel board, you may need a little more luck than anything.
  4. Anyway guys, I overclocked to 3GHz using ClockGen. It boots up just fine, but my 3D Mark 06 score increased by just about a 100 or so. Its at 3340 now
  5. Should have increased more than that. Actually, you should have gotten higher than that at stock speeds.

    Normal score for a Q6600 is ~3600 in 3DM06. @ 3.0 most people get over 4k.

    Maybe your 8600 does something to the CPU's score...

    Why didn't you overclock in the BIOS?
  6. Because its an intel board and all the things FSB, multiplier, voltage, are locked
  7. Clock gen wouldn't help if it can control the board. The board is locked as per Intel standard.
    Change the motherboard, get a new after market sink. Period.
  8. The Asus P5Q Pro is a good overclocker and has the same features as the more expensive Asus P5Q Deluxe. My P5Q Deluxe and Q6600 (VID 1.32) have hit a very stable 3.0 ghz at 1.272 V.
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