The time has come to move my old junk to the basement

The time has come to move my old junk to the basement

I don’t think I will be able to work much longer on my old 939 x2 3800, no meter how much ram and hard drives I will add. And I can’t look at my ancient Antec 1080 case, don’t get me wrong it was a good case at the time.
Well with that covered, I think I can use and advice for my new build.
Main system functions: Work/entertainment pc at home.
OS: Vista Ultimate 64/Red Hat (virtualizations on both operating systems)
Case: I am looking for solid up to 150 usd. Well cooled, silent, with air filters, 6 hard drives, 2 optical drives. Good air filters is a must.
Cpu: I think q6600 with good stepping will do (I will reasonably over clock it).

Cpu Cooler: Hyper TX2 will do I think.

MB: Don’t kill me 4 what I am am about to say, but if not the really tempting over clocking, Intel board cross my mind. I have “some experience” no one comes close in reliability to Intel boards. (btw to bad that we can’t see that part in reviews). Any way I am looking for 200 usd mb max.

RAM: 8gb of ram (hope in not a problem with the “reasonably over clocking”) type depend on the MB and cheep set, but I can imagine it will be ddr2. Reasonably priced preferred.

GPU: I am 30 years old but believe it or not I still play games on occasions. 8800gt will do I think. What you think of 1gb ver? They cost the same….Open to suggestions.

PSU: I got few month old HEC 580w, it will do, right?

HD: well I got 2x74gb raptors, and 4xWD3201ABYS

Optical Drives: not really important, but I will be more than happy to have a good advice.
Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. Here are my suggestions:

    CPU: The Q6600 will be great. Make sure you get a G0.

    CPU Cooler: I would buy a Zalman 9500 or a Tuniq Tower 120.

    Motherboard: Gigabyte P35 chipset -

    RAM: G. Skill DDR2-800: 2 of these kits

    GPU: The 8800 GT is great; make sure to get an XFX or eVGA model. 1 GB is pointless with that GPU; you would be fine with the 512mb.

    PSU: I would get a new one if you are overclocking a Q6600. Probably an OCZ GameXStream or a Corsair. Go 550w+

    Your hard drives will do great, and you can choose optical.

    Let me know what you think.
  2. Well I don’t know what to say. You mind reader or something?
    I wanted to get the same mb and ram, and the zalman was my second choice.
    The case looks wary promising.
    I am still not sure about the psu and the gpu hmm
    thanks alot
  3. Let see what I got 4 now.
    CPU: I will stick with the q6600
    Cooler: Hyper TX2 or Zalman 9500
    MB: the GIGABYTE GA-EP35C-DS3R sounds about right (4 the price)
    Ram: x2 G.Skill 4GB Kit DDR2 PC6400 800MHZ 5-5-5-15 F2-6400CL5D-4GBPQ
    x2 G.Skill 4GB Kit DDR2 PC6400 800MHZ 4-4-4-12 F2-6400CL4D-4GBPK
    The extra 50$ worth it? What you think….
    Case: well NZXT Zero is a nice option, but I open 4 suggestions
    PSU: I think I will stay with my 580w hec,
    GPU: I will be happy to hear about 8800gt 1gb, I think it can be useful in future, again the 512mb ver cost the same…
    Well at the end I think we are getting some ware….
    Note: I am from Israel, the parts are more expansive here and not all the vendors available.
  4. The most stable system I ever had was built with an Intel motherboard.
    Go For it.
  5. I wouldn't get a q6600 just yet. The q9300 and q9450 are due this month, and they'll be hopefully less power hungry and run cooler. Also the 12mb cache on the q9450 will help with gaming.
  6. 30 years old and still game? That's not old, I'm 32, married, 3 kids, house, full-time job and I still game here and there and still build my own computers.

    Heck man, we grew up experiencing the wonderment that was Super Mario Brothers. Playing that game was like having sex for the first time... a whole new world was unfolding before my eyes. I think I played for 159 hours straight.

    The kids today walk right into games like Halo and don't remember the glory days, they don't remember going from nothing to, I never thought video game graphics could get any better after that. Before that was the Atari.

    Never stop gaming!!! At least a little, I probably only play a couple hours a month but I enjoy those couple hours. I'm playing the Painkiller sequel right now - I love blasting zombies. But I think the first one was better. Oh well, off topic.
  7. Well ppl buy the time we finish this I guess the q6600 will be ancient history lol, btw anyone know what will be the pricing on the new cpu?
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