USB mouse not registering/working on Windows XP

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I couldn't really find a suitable sub-forum.

Before I tell you my problem I'll tell you that I have Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 3. For the past couple of years I've had a Logitech optical USB mouse which has worked fine (as did the one before it) but of course like all mice it has started to get a little old, stiff and is becoming a real pain to use. So of course I went and bought a new one. Several to be exact, and here's why:

Whenever I plug a new mouse into a USB port, it simply won't work. It will make the USB sound, the optical light will turn on, it will say installing new hardware, it will even say it's ready to use. Yet it won't work. Sometimes the cursor will move for a second or two when I move the mouse after installing but then stops again. I have reset my PC several times over the last couple of days, I've reset the drivers and tried it again, yet nothing seems to work. I've tried 2 new Logitech optical USB mice (one of which has a PS/2 port which also doesn't work) as well as a Microsoft wireless optical USB mouse, all of which have done the same thing.

Yet my keyboard still works. I unplugged and plugged it back in, works fine. USB flash drives, mp3 chargers and phone connectors work perfectly, yet for whatever reason my mice don't work. I have 10 ports in total (8 on the back, 2 on the front), all of them produce the same results. I tried checking the Logitech website to see if there was any drivers or patches I could download, but it simply said that it should install all by itself, which is what I thought was the case with all mice. I even tried getting some of the dust and clutter out from inside my PC, but to no avail. After much searching on Google about the matter and coming up with no results, I thought I'd put forward an inquiry and see if anybody could please help out.

Thank you very much in advance.
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  1. Please disregard. After trying numerous things (even giving remote assistance control to a tech friend of mine, as well as looking at BIOS), turns out the simplest solution was the right one. I hit up the Logitech website again and it turns out I clicked on the wrong mouse model. D'oh! In my defense though, the one I originally looked at earlier was a model I had owned previously and the two look very similar. I simply downloaded the software and installed it manually and all is good (and hopefully it stays that way).

    Feel free to close this thread, however I do hope this helps others with a similar problem. Always check the website of the company who made the product and make sure the software is up to date! Cheers.
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