How to prevent bulgary from taking your gaming desktop?


I wonder if there is any good security system or tracking device I can install to secure my custom built gaming desktop from being stolen if someone broke in my house. Potentially, some sort of real time GPS tracking device can be install inside the chassis so that I know someone is moving it.

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  1. there are gps trackers available which can be put in cars to monitor where they are in the world.

    honestly though is to have the computer placed where it is not visible from outside to deter robbery. remember, a pc is not the first item to be grabbed due to the weight. normally small items such as phones, jewelry, lockboxes, cash, and other easy to carry valueables are more worthwhile.

    if you live in a high theft area perhaps you should have a home security system. insurance on your system would be better than gps tracking which can be nulified by removing the receiver.

    just an idea.
  2. I agree. Twenty years ago when a stick of RAM was worth quite a lot, whole PCs were stolen and dumped once the RAM had been removed. We had to buy steel ropes and padlocks and most computer manufacturers put lugs on the cases to accommodate such protection. I drilled holes in a corner of my case so the side and back were linked and the steel cable passed through both. The cable was then wrapped around the leg of my desk so the case could neither be removed or even open.

    I suppose you could buy a mobile phone with GPRS capability, strip it out of the case and dummy it into a PCI card - an old MODEM would do - to hide it. Smart Water is another deterrent, as is an exploding dye bottle which would cover the thief with an unpleasant smelling and brightly coloured goo which would remain on for a week. :D
  3. Haha thanks for the advices!

    Yeah I guess I am just being paranoid since this will be my first investment on building a computer with expensive components
  4. honestly a good solid case and a steel cable with padlock is as good a defense as any.

    unless you have a $5000 pc and unless a thief knows this and has a way to unload it then its not really worth the trouble.

    i have around $6000 of equipment and at least $3000 in video disks around and i dont worry. even though i'm not in a high theft area i realize that is just not practical to steal unless they went through and stole everything in the house.

    the first things to go would be my phone, ipod and other easy to steal valuables not heavy and bulky items.
  5. If it is a bother for you I know some insurance companies will offer theft coverage on homeowners insurance.

    I realize it will not protect the time it took to build it, but let us be honest: that's the best part. :D
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