Hey guys i have an amd x2 5200 2mb L2cache 2.6ghz
will this cpu bottleneck an 9800gtx??

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  1. After reading alot of the reviews on the 9800GTX, several of them said you could get more performance out of a highly oceed cpu, no matter what it is. So, for practicle reasons the answer is yes IF theres a certain game that itll help in. But mostly, this card is fine without uber ocing/cpu. The cpus arent getting the max outta these cards, no matter what you do. But like I said, its only a few situations that its really practical, Crysis being one of the games
  2. Thanks ill try to overclock to see if there is a increase in fps.
    If i did try to overclock my cpu wat speed do u think ill get with watercooling around 3.1 ghz?
  3. For Crysis?
  4. Yup and for future games.
  5. OK, just read the Anandtech review of the 9800GTX. Heres what it said, so do this first "Forcing VSYNC off in the driver can decrease performance by 25% under the DX10 applications we tested. We see a heavier impact in CPU limited situations. Interestingly enough, as we discussed last week, with our high end hardware, Crysis and World in Conflict were heavily CPU and system limited. Take a look for yourself at the type of performance gains we saw from disabling VSYNC. These tests were run on Crysis using the GeForce 9800 GX2 in Quad SLI.

    " So try this first. Youll see much better ocing results from your cpu doing this
  6. nice find ill definitely try this thanks i appreciate all the help.
  7. YMW
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