Dead motherboard?

Last Summer i built my first computer, and it has been working fine up until a week ago. Last week when i booted up, it had trouble detecting windows XP, after it did it took a good 15 minutes to boot up and on top of that it didn't recognize either on board LAN ports or my DVD-burner. I flashed the BIOS to the most recent version and that didnit fix it. So does this mean that there is something wrong with my MB that i need to get a replacement or is there something I'm missing?

Computer Specs:
MoBo: Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
AMD X2 6000+
Seagate 320 GB HD
Corsair 2 GB (Dual channel) RAM
EVGA 8800 GTS 320 MB
Windows XP SP2 32 bit edition
Samsung DVD-Rom burner
Antec 500 watt PSU
stock heat sink and fan
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  1. Could be the power supply. Overclocking? Anything else we should know?
  2. Try reseating everything on the board, check all your cables.
    Do a repair install of XP (kind of a last resort here)
    HDD could be dying...?
    PSU could be dying...?
    Could be anything from a loose memory stick to a virus. Doubt anything is wrong with your motherboard.
  3. about a month ago i wiped my HD and reinstalled XP, only because of spyware and stuff of that nature. I have reset the BIOS and flashed it and nothing is Overclocked. Last i knew no cables were lose, but i could be wrong. I'm kinda hoping its a PSU failure, b/c the Antec PSU isn't the greatest in the world.
  4. You can check the psu yourself. Just grab a voltage meter from somewhere and check them at the motherboard connector. Do a quick google check or look in the psu guide if you have it.

    Check each voltage on bootup, and during heavy usage, and even idle.

    See if you notice any low points. There are plenty of detailed how to guides on the internet via google search.

    As for the mb being dead. It's always a possibility.

    But it does sound like a psu issue, just because of the random problems. Hard drive, cd rom etc. Usually a mb just works or it doesn't. I personally have never found a mb to just have random problems like this, just because each item typically has its own chip. If the mb chipset itself goes, typically it won't even turn or, let alone post long enough to find the os.

    So, try to test the psu or test it with a known good one. If its good, a new mb would be good, maybe find a friend to swap it out, or buy a new one, cheapest you can get on newegg or something. If thats not it either, at least you have a spare.

    That really is about it. psu or mb itself. Odds are its not going to be a cpu or ram.

    Is the video card a new addition? I mean you didn't add anything new to the computer before you started having issues right? 8800gts is a power hungrey beast. So, you never know.
  5. Also I forgot to mention, you can try

    This has programs that can do a check on every part of yoru system, just chose the utility for it. Plus its not done through windows.
  6. the video card has been in from the start and its never had a problem with running everything up until a week ago.
  7. alright since i can only understand simple circuits, can anyone tell me if I'm getting enough power to all my components?

    I have an Antec Basiq 500 watt PSU with these rails

    All I can remember is that GPU recommends 26 amps and I was told that this power supply can handle the amps. Other then that I don't know anything.

    Also i checked the voltages and they all seem to be correct all the yellow wire measured 12v, red, 5v, orange 3.3v, and blue -12v. If i find another PSU that can handle the demands of my comp, ill try that and see if it makes anything better
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