Please help with wired internet issues (VIsta)

I have a Vista based desktop, built around an Asus P5K w/ WIFI motherboard. I recently bought a house, and wired every room with either 1 or 2 cat 5 jacks, that all go to a D-Link hub, then a D-link wireless N router, then to my cable internet modem. The desktop is set up in my office, and I haven't been able to get it connected to the internet with a wired connection, but was instead able to use the wireless and it worked just fine (till the frickin' antenna wire broke this weekend).

Anyway, I know the CAT 5 port and all the cables are fine, as I've hooked up my Vista based notebook to the same port, and all works well. I then unplug it, and plug it into the desktop, which realizes that a cable has been plugged in, but it says that it only has "local" access and no internet access. Has some option been selected which is not allowing the computer to connect to the internet? Please help me with this issue, and I will be eternally grateful! I will give any information that you need to help solve the issue, tell me what you would need to know to help determine the problem!!

Thanks so much!!
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  1. Here's an update....I wired the computer directly into the router (bypassed the hub), and it connects just fine. How come my notebook can go hub->router->modem, but the desktop has to go router->modem? Any thoughts?
  2. Is this an actual hub or is it a switch. Hubs are slow compared to a switch.
    On the desktop what is the readout from an Ipconfig/all command when its not working?
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