AMD 6000+ vs AMD 6400+

I know what your thinking... "Oh great, another [blank] vs. [blank] CPU thread. " This one isn't the same, however. I'm looking around on newegg for a CPU upgrade. The AMD 6000 and 6400 are rediculously cheap now, and I think they will suit my needs well. I know they run hot, but I have decent case cooling and won't be overclocking, so don't inform me that it would be "better" to get an e4500 and overclock the hell out of it (every time I mention an AMD CPU that's the response I get.)
Anyway, on Newegg, the AMD 6000+ has about 1000 reviews, and the AMD 6400+ has about 150 reviews. wtf? Why? I would pay $10 more for 0.2 GHz any day. Someone please help me before I decide to upgrade. Thanks.
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  1. I'd grab the 6400+. That thing should be ridiculously fast. 200MHz for $10 sounds good to me. Maybe there are fewer reviews for it because it is newer and everyone wants Intels.
  2. i would grab the 6400+ if it is $10 more. I have 6000+ Oc'd to 3.3 stable but i truly dont c any improvement from 3.0 stock only on benchmarks and dvd encoding. and even then its only few more seconds faster with 300 Mhz Oc.
  3. lol i like how u got Germ-x on that table. Use ur right hand too much ? hahaha :D jp playin bro
  4. Yikes Soldier, that seems kinda hot. I wish I had a pic of my comp. It is hilarious. To cool the thing (since a 2900XT+FX-60 OC-ed makes a TON of heat) I took the side off and have an 8in fan blasting it (on the bright side I can't hear the GPU fan :lol: )
  5. my temps hit 60 C tops at 3.3 but i got 3 fans on the bottom hittin the GPU removed the tv card and slapped it onto other pc when i was moddin it a bit. bit of a dated pic without all the fans in there.
  6. now i wonder how ghetto ur PC cuz i thought mine was ghetto haha
    here is the whole pic but that was before all da fans were installed dont got a camera to take a pic

  7. Nice. That looks awesome (mine just looks ghetto).
  8. love those raptors whoo makin me jelous im just kikin it with barracuda i like the green lightin its AMD style like. fan blows silent when at min at max i get an airplane in da house with 133 CFM. by the way is that vid card still 640 mb GTS ?

    didnt mean to hijack the thread just go with 6400+ u wont regred it :D
    Us AMD playas still ballin with AMD haha

  9. holy crap dude. :O

    I think i have seen why: I missed the AMD 6400+ Black Edition. Obviously more people are going for this one, and it was outta stock. I'm trying to decide weather to get the BE edition... because it will run cooler, require less power... but cost way more (Getting a ZALMAN 9500A + AMD 6400 = $220 instead of $170), and void the "reassuring" warranty. I think I do wanna start overclocking though. Could anyone direct me to somewhere that will help me with the basics of OC'in? See you in the OC forums in a bit :D.
  10. what mobo u got ?? Ocin is quiet simple but need to be careful just take babysteps is all. my reason for gettin that hsf iz cuz of its size covering the ram slots too so it helps and plus too many ppl rollin with zalmans so i wanted to do somethin different with just as good performance
  11. Well, OCing with an unlocked multi is sweet (BEs & FXs). A real easy OC with them is just up the multi a notch and see if it's stable. If not, bump the voltage up a little. I believe there is a guide in the OC section, but it looks like it may be kind of old.
  12. Nevermind.
    1: The AMD 6400+: is $160, still 125W and 90mm, and out of stock until May (wtf?) I'm going to stick with the regular cooler, and standard AMD 6400+ model. I'm on a budget atm, and will most likely start overclocking in a few years on my AM2+ processor upgrade. I think I'll save my bucks for a good graphics card. Thanks for you help :).
  13. I think Solider's computer pretty much sets the standard in which all other rigs are judged by both in hardware and craftsmanship. I know he did not build it over night. I am slowly working my way towards his standard of excellence once piece at a time.

    HEY, on another note... back to the subject matter at hand. If you are going to get a 6400 or a 6000 by it soon as possible. AMD is discontinuing both of those chips this quarter which just Notice on newegg that the 6400 Black Edition has sold out.

    Personally I would recommend a 5000 Black Edition and overclock it to 3.1GHz on stock voltage by bringing the multiplier up from x13 to x15.5. At that speed it will be very close to 6000 preformance but with nearly half the wattage and less heat. The 6000 will still beat it out in gaming (due to the extra cache) but the difference is not that much.

    $84 dollars vs $159. Why pay double for nearly identical performance?

    BTW only the 6400 black edition will be phased out along with the 6000 and that is only because they are 90nm chips and AMD can not keep a whole plant open just to manufacture 2 chips at 90nm. The AMD 64x2 5000BE should still be around for the remainder of the year I would say.
  14. That does look like the way to go if you don't mind OCing.
  15. *Warning, Thread Hijack Detected*

    This thread is now about your RL desktop pics

    This was my rig for a week.

    My rig before I burner my A8N-SLI. Now just imagine it with all black fans, a crappy old mobo,p4 cpu,
    and an ancient firegl x1.

    Also, I'd say you go with the 6400+ aswell.
  16. Wow, you guys all have nice cases. I guess I need to get over my aversion to buying a >$100 case :lol:
  17. I haven't bought case(for myself) since 2004. Haven't had to.

    Buy a cosmos, bet you'll keep it at least as long as I've kept my Xaser III.
  18. rwayne said:
    $84 dollars vs $159. Why pay double for nearly identical performance?

    Because it's $84 for just the CPU. Plus at least $40 for a good oc'ing cooler.

    Also, the Athlon 90mm are being discontinued?? What?? Does this mean that AMD's triple core Phenoms are coming out? Or better 65nm Athlons? (I.E. 65nm 6400+) Would it be a good idea to get an Athlon now, or wait and chance it for new newer 65mm to come from AMD, or restocking on Intel's e8xxx 45nm stuff?
  19. I had dream where amd released a socket 939 phenom that worked on all 939 boards with no updates needed, also my old amd board came back to life... then I whoke up. :(
  20. Yep, the last of the 90's are going the way of socket 939, As to something better bring out, that's questionable. The 6400 at high clocks (and with the bigger cache) stomps all the other AMD processors in games. I think they just don't want to make 90nm anymore (which I can't blame them for, they should be at 45 nm by now.
  21. Quote:
    Thanks RWayne,.. Im still waiting on Phenom quad core running at 3ghz and over at 45nm, guess I will be waiting a while. Last resort is to go Intel (yuk) next.

    I know exactly how you feel. I mean, who would like a better performing chip made by an evil corporation, when you can have something inferior made by a corporation made up of saints.
  22. I went with the 6400+BE, I don't overclock. I chose the Black Edition just because I didn't need a heatsink/fan and I'm waiting on a Phenom thats at least 3Ghz. I already had a watercooling unit. I just got done running COD4 for over two hours and never went above 28c.
  23. Quote:
    Thanks RWayne,.. Im still waiting on Phenom quad core running at 3ghz and over at 45nm, guess I will be waiting a while. Last resort is to go Intel (yuk) next.

    evilshuriken said:
    know exactly how you feel. I mean, who would like a better performing
    chip made by an evil corporation, when you can have something inferior
    made by a corporation made up of saints.

    LOL.. My thoughts exactly. I was this: |----| close to getting an e8400. Hopefully AMD will have some snazzy 65nm dual, triple, and quad core chips for us by May. :)
  24. Isn't there something about a mismatch between the 6000+ and memory speed?
    I remember something like:
    6000+ = ddr2 333
    6400+ = ddr2 400
  25. Quote:
    Im still waiting on Phenom quad core running at 3ghz and over at 45nm, guess I will be waiting a while. Last resort is to go Intel (yuk) next.

    I'm still trying to decide (keep wavering) whether to go Phenom B3 in or to wait for Deneb. For the most part, a 2.4 gigahertz CPU is still viable, even at stock. Denebs are promised at 3.0 stock by December.

    Why bother upgrading if you can wait? Is it worth it for anyone to get a faster dual core, or a B3 Phenom unless they habitually upgrade their CPU's every year?. Because of my doubts, I let my 7 year old have the 780G board instead of saving it for Phenom. It's a good IGP for an Athlon X2 4200+ system with 2 gigs of Kingston.

    evilshuriken said:
    I know exactly how you feel. I mean, who would like a better performing chip made by an evil corporation, when you can have something inferior made by a corporation made up of saints.

    Neither are saints, they're in business. The difference is that Intel used anticompetitive OEM agreements to lock AMD into a very small share of the market that's now saving AMD's keister. That's the main reason I don't go Intel, plus I'm old fashioned and like pins on the CPU, not the motherboard.

    At any rate, the 6000+ and 6400+ are going away soon, so if you must upgrade, get one while you can.,7412.html
  26. Yes the memory mismatch is the reason many have been kept away from the 6400

    6400= 3.2ghz @ 750mhz memory speed
    6000= 3.0ghz @ 800mhz memory speed

    If i recall correctly the memory multiplier only accepts even numbers, so any chip that has an odd number multi automatically rounds down to the closest possible even number.

    Also, i personally find it a waste of money to buy chips like the 6400, they are pretty much already within a hair of hitting the ceiling in terms of speed. Chips like the 6400 are more aimed at those who don't want or know how to overclock but still want the high clock speeds.

    Better off to just get a lower clocked chip with the same core design and clock it up.

    For instance the 939 toledo core. It was the same core used in numerous processors that were reasonably priced, but was also in the flagship FX-60 2.6ghz chip....that cost a mere $1500 or so when it was first introduced.

    But toledo core was also used for the 939 2x1mb L2 cached opterons when they were first released, before opterons got the denmark core i belive. Anyway, the 165 opterons were the cheapest dual-core 2x1mb L2 you could get when amd first released their dual core line. 165 opterons went for $250-350 new, and $200-280 on E-bay where you could shop for the best OC stepping.

    Going the Ebay route i ended up with a $260 165x2 toledo core that clocked from stock speed of 1.8ghz to
    3.25ghz @ 1.487v on air. (45% oc)
    300 HTT x 9x multi with 5/6 memory divider
    memory 4x512 OCZ Gold edition Voltage extreme PC4000
    running 600mhz @ 2-2-2-5 @ 3.55v
    DFI LP NF4 Dr Expert
    x1800xt video card
    Lian Li PC-G70 case
    TT Big typhoon w/ 120mm Silverstone 110cfm fan
    Entire system cost $1050. $450 cheaper then the FX60 alone, with the cpu running 625mhz faster.

    Current toledo core 4400x2 stock 2.2ghz
    OCed to 3.7ghz (335HTT x 11 multi)

    Honestly your best bet is to look around the OC forums, for one is pretty good about stepping info, then search ebay for a good chip.
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