Over or underclocking my HyperX RAM?

I'm planning on overclocking my Intel Q9550 Quad CPU from the stock 333 x 8.5 (2.83GHz), to an FSB of 376 x 8.5 (3.2GHz). I have an Intel DX48BT2 motherboard and Kingston HyperX DDR3 1375 modules (2 x 2GB).

As I understand it, these HyperX RAM modules are rated at 1375 effective, which is actually only 687.5. If I run the FSB to 376, this obviously results in a system FSB of 1504. Am I correct in saying the RAM is underclocked by running at 376 * 2 = 752?

Two questions:

(1) Am I overclocking my RAM by running it at 752 over 687.5, or am I underclocking my RAM by running it at 752 under the rated 1375?

(2) If I run my RAM unlinked would this hurt performance much? As I understand it, linked means the FSB is in exact tune to the speed of the RAM?
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  1. well having the ram faster than the fsb offers pretty much no more performance, so you may as well run it 1:1 and tighten up the timings resulting in better performance! :)
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