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A few days ago I got some new parts for my computer. I switched motherboard, cpu, ram and videocard and I've kept the rest. I reformatted and got everything back to old.

However, I now have a graphical problem. When I start a game (for example battlefield 2) it doesn't work properly, It runs very slow, crashes, and sometimes I see the whole display getting messed up with black and white pixels etc. It's not the game because other games show problems too. I even got a BSOD one time that showed

(scroll below to see it all)

and on windows it gave this error report:

(scroll below to see it all)

I reinstalled the drivers, used driver cleaner to clean first. I checked inside my computer to see if everything was OK. I reformatted after I changed all the components so that isn't the problem either. I messed with a lot of settings but nothing works. I've looked on google for similar problems but all I got was driver problems or temperature problems. I got the latest drivers of nvidia and the mother board. On device manager it recognises everything except my sound card but I doubt that is the problem.

The only thing that bothers me is that speedfan shows my core1 temperature as 55°C and when I am playing a game it shows 64°C. My CPU is cooled with a huge cooler that my brother once used to overclock his cpu and I use it now on my not overclocked system (it was overclocked but we also reset the bios already to try and fix this problem). Isn't that a little bit too hot? It shows two core temperatures, the other one is around 42°C. Maybe that is the CPU and the other (hot one) is the ram?. Because I also noticed that two of the ram sticks get very hot. The other two are normal. It are two different types but they should work fine together. When I removed the hot memory sticks and kept the others it still showed problems.

Does anybody know what is going on? I really need to get this fixed and Ive did everything I could. I looked on a lot of forums. Nothing helped me so far.

Computer specs:

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3800+
2.41 GHz, 2.00 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT

(note: I see that it says "64 Processor." Does that mean 64 bit? I'm not much of a computer expert. Just saying that I installed the drivers for 32 bit windows.)

I would really apreciate help!

If you guys need any more info on my system or got questions before you can help me just ask, I'll do my best.

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  1. OK, the 64 is that the processor CAN do 64 bit, but it also runs 32bit, so its no problem, as all rpocessors today are 64 bit. The 6600 series from what Ive heard runs hot, and those temps youre seeing is for the processor, not the ram. Can you use nVidia monitor? It will monitor your graphics card temps. Im not sure if the 6600s have a sensor on it or not, but if it does, use that in your gforce control panel, and thatll show your GPU temps. Also, try running a less demanding game to see if the card is being over worked. Also, after rereading your post, your processor shouldnt be reading 2.41, it should be 2.4 or a lil lower, so maybe you have your settings set wrong?
  2. Thank you for your reply. I'm now downloading nvidia ntune, on the control panel it told me to download that to monitor voltages and temps etc.

    Battlefield 2 isn't demanding at all. My old videocard that is not as good runned it smooth on medium/high and my brother used the 6600 to run it all on high smoothly (that card is now the one I am using, he gave it to me). The problem isn't the card itself, because we have even tried switching the card (we have two 6600 here).

    Ok, i've installed the monitor and it shows that my GPU is 56°C.

    Looks like the core of 41°C was my CPU. So does that mean my videocard is being very hot? I've also noticed that when I run the game on lower options (medium/low) it does work without crashing or wierd pixels showing up and crashing. But how could this be? I got the molex plug plugged into it so that isn't the problem. Another thing is that it showed one vent going only 18rpm (the red question mark on the image). Is that normal?

    Every reply is apreciated!
  3. I there another computer you can try the 6600 in? At first glance it looks like the cards are overheating, but if that can be ruled out it is probably the motherboard or the PSU. Can you run the temp program while you play and exit the game before it crashes? That way we will know the max in-game temp, not just idle.
  4. Just like what EXT64 is saying, the picture of nVidia monitor is the one from the 2D stress, not the 3D stress, where everything starts to heat up. It sounds like its either a heat issue (most likely) or your GPUs memory is failing. The reason that you can play a lil with everything turned down shows this, but Im thinking if the memory was bad, even at low settings it would fail. Get that temp from close time 3D, run game even easy/low settings, and see how hot its getting.
  5. I ran it with medium settings, where it all goes fine (except anti aliasing isn't working?) and the monitor shows this:

    After I tuned up a few more settings to high to get some new readings, it crashed :(. Some buildings in battlefield turned black and the floor went black and the rest was still on the screen. The anti aliasing also definately disapeared. It crashed my whole computer, I couldn't alt tab back to get the monitor details sorry.

    Does anybody have an idea of what's wrong? Any help apreciated!
  6. yes, u need to reseat the cpu heatsink, with thermal paste. only alittle dab will do. reseat your memory.
    also, on reboot set your bios settings to default.
    and restart your rig.
  7. I've found out that when I turn off anti aliasing, or set it at 2x instead of 4x, the game works (also other games). If I put it on 4x, it all crashes again. But on some games when I put on anti aliasing on 2x, it shows no anti aliasing at all. I also notice my performance is pretty bad although the card/mem/cpu is all better than before. What could this mean?
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