Strange virtual dead pixel problem

Hello everyone

I am having a bit of a problem with my Asus 7900gt. The card has never been exactly 100% right but in the last few weeks the problem has gotten worse.

In games (FEAR, HL2 EP2) I get wierd artifacts that dont go away if I;

1) update drivers
2) reduce setting in the game
3) increase cooling to 100%

This has been an ongoing problem and I have no idea how to fix it. My card has never been over clocked and runs at 38C idle and about 48C on full load.

Anyway........ other than this problem which i can live with I am having a dead pixel issue.

On the windows XP load up screen there are 5/6 white and yellow pixels that are stuck. Now the startup screen is low resolution and the pixels/squares are quite large [about 5X5 monitor pixels].

Anyway, when I am in 1680 1050 resolution there are about 20 pixels on the background that sometimes come sometimes go. Its really wierd.

The most obvious way I can see them is if I have a black background in Paint and I move the window about I see the pixels because they leave like a small trail of where they were. Like a motion trail.

They also come up on the screen-print so I dont think that its a real dead pixel.

Sorry if my discription is vague, the problem is vague too!

Any ideas????!!!!!
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  1. I had exactly the same problem with my 7900gt a few months ago. Those pretend dead pixels showed up, and not much later I started having problems with artifacting and crashing in games.

    It turned out that both the artifacting and the weird pixels were caused by bad memory on the card (which apparently was a problem for an awful lot of 7900gt owners). If it's under warranty, I'd say RMA it.

  2. Hey Dr

    I have done a little research [thanks google] and did see a LOT of people talking about this problem. What a pile of crap!

    I will look into getting it RMA'd. The only problem is that its over 12 months. But in the UK there is a workaround for this.

    If your in the UK let me know and I will explain.

    Thanks for the reply

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