Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P and Intel Xeon 3210

One quick question. Will the GA-EP35-DS3P with Intel's Xeon 3210? I'm planning to build a system based on these two since the Xeon is more affordable than a Q6600 here in my country. :D
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  1. nope, one of these
    Intel Xeon® X3360 2.83GHz 12MB Yorkfield
    Intel Xeon® X3350 2.66GHz 12MB Yorkfield
    Intel Xeon® X3320 2.50GHz 6MB Yorkfield
    Intel Xeon® E3110 3GHz 6 MB Wolfdale
  2. I have a GA-P35-DS3P (Rev. 2.0) and a X3210. It works, but only up to 2.66mHz. For some reason it won't go past it, so I think I should RMA it once I find a time where I can be without a computer for 3+ weeks. My assumptions that the -EP35- and -P35- are similar except that one has a few extra settings in BIOS to make it "green."
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