Velociraptor RAID 0 vs. OCZ Vertex

I'm working on my build list for my next build. I'm trying to decide what is the better option 2 300gb Velociraptors in RAID 0 or 1 120gb OCZ Vertex SSD.

This setup will only be used as an app/os drive. I have a 1TB drive for storage.

Thanks for the help
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  1. Well sequential performance of Raid 0 Raptor and Vertex should be similar.

    The Vertex will be considerably snappier in the real world due to much higher random read/write performance.

    600GB vs 120GB is a big difference though. How much space do you need for OS/apps?

    80GB X-25M 50MB/s random read, 23MB/s random write
    120G Vertex 30MB/s random read, 12MB/s random write
    (single) 300G Velociraptor 1MB/s random read, 3MB/s random write
  2. I really believe 120 GB should be plenty.

    I'm really leaning towards the vertex, just wanted to see what others thought.
  3. Both retail versions have their problems (X-25M and Vertex). How comfortable are you with flashing your firmware. X25-M has problems with lower sequential write performance over time and the Vertex had problems with crashes from large file transfers and sometimes the OS dissappearing.

    The Intel requires you to boot from a disc to apply the firmware; the Vertex requires you to boot into Windows with a jumper attached, flash the drive, delete the partition, re-align the drive, format, and then reboot after removing the jumper.
  4. I'd go with X25-M 80GB. They are cheap right now and have alot faster IOps than cheaper SSD's. You may need to flash them indeed but then you have a formidable performance on your system. Mechanical drives will always suck at true random IOps (cant reach more than 100-300 even for 15k SAS disks).

    If you write alot, then the Vertex might not what you want. X25-M and Velociraptors do a better job at writing. If you read mostly, then the Vertex might be a cheap option.
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