Trying to find a new monitor.

I bought a new computer about 6 months ago and am finally ready to spring for the monitor to go with it. Right now i'm using an old Compaq CRT with a 16'' screen, so pretty much anything should be an improvement. I can justify up to 400$ MAYBE 450, if i'm going to get a lot more bang for buck at that price range, but i'd be much happier around the 300$ range.

I'm looking for a 22''-24'' widescreen, I hear a lot of bad things about TN displays which dominate the 22'' panels, but most of the 24'' panels are out of my pricerange. These are two 22'' Panels i found on newegg that look pretty decent. I'd appreciate feedback about them, as well as alternative suggestions, thanks.

SAMSUNG 2243BWX High Gloss Piano Black 22" 5ms DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor with Height/Pivot Adjustments and 2-port USB Hub 300 cd/m2 DC 8000:1

DCLCD DCL22A Black 22" 2ms(GTG) Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 2000:1 Built in Speakers

Oh, one last thing. The primary purpose of the monitor will be gaming, so that trumps whatever else it has going for it. I do like the Idea of being able to display Hi-Def movies on it (I have a 8800GTX, q6600, and 4gigs of ram, so i believe i have the hardware nessisary to do that), but i'll take a solid gaming monitor at a good price over anything else.
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  1. Should go with the Samsung 226BW... it has pretty much been the top rated monitor for gaming here on the forums. It should be about $300 and is 22" plus has 2ms response and awsome contrast.
  2. i agree lil, we have a 24: samsung it is nice

    great gaming monitor and nice size
  3. lilsage said:
    Should go with the Samsung 226BW... it has pretty much been the top rated monitor for gaming here on the forums. It should be about $300 and is 22" plus has 2ms response and awsome contrast.

    im considering selling my 226BW... not sure if i should... im considering blagging my dad to swap his media centre case for an ASUS barebone + graphics card.... I'll tell that the barebone uses much less power and will be quieter... if hes a sucker he'll buy my story :)
  4. dev1se.....Why not pown up and take care of your own needs without trying to scam your old man?
    That's just lame!

    Here's an idea..... why don't you blagg your ass out there and get a job to pay for your own computer needs?

    You make me sick with your "if he's a sucker he'll buy my story" S**T!

    Axil...You can't go wrong with Samsung monitors..they're the best!!!!!!
    I have the 226bw and it's long as you have the card to drive it..1680x1050...
  5. I'm a little confused. Maybe you guys can explain it to me, but why is the 226BW better than the 2243BWX i linked? The 2243BWX has 1000:1 real contrast and 8000:1 Dynamic contrast The 226BW only has 700:1 and 3000:1 respectively. the 226bw has 2ms rather than 5ms, but i was under the impression that anything under 8ms was pretty much the same, am i wrong there?

    Also the DCL seems to beat both the Samsungs in every way with a 2000:1 real constrast ratio *and* 2ms, not to mention coming out cheaper. Is the samsung brand really worth sacrificing the stats, and paying extra for?

    Lastly i've heard a lot of horror stories about getting bad displays in the 226BWs, somthing like if you get an S panel from Samsung it's great, but if you get a 3rd party panel it's crap, and you can't tell which you're getting.

    Anyway, i'm not trying to contradict anyone, i'd just like to understand better why you made the recommendations you did. Thanks! =)
  6. i don't know about the 'S' panel thing, but every samsung screen I've ever seen looked amazing!

    I took a look at the link for the DCL, looks like a nice monitor but you can't tell squat by specs alone.
    You need to go out and see these monitors side by side and do a real world comparison. Do you have a retailor near by that has these monitors?
  7. The Samsung's referred to are great TN monitors but AFAIK, all Samsung's under $500 are TN monitors. I am aware of only one non TN monitor below $500 and that's the Lenovo L220x which is available for $449-$499 though if you find one act quickly as it seems they sell out within hours of arriving anywhere.

    In general, comparing S-PVA and TN monitors, S-PVA monitors will have:

    -wider viewing angles
    -better blacks
    -better contrast
    -wider color gamut
    -true 24 bit color (TN's are 18 bit and dither the image to simulate 24 bit)

    Note the review and comments here:

    The monitor has found quite a home among graphics / photo enthusiasts who are basically saying you want a better 22" monitor, than the Lenovo, you have to look at the $1,500 Eizos.
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