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I bought a new monitor model E2742V-BN ser. # 206NDWE83593 on 09/07/2012. Some pixels went dead after a several weeks. In December sent unit in for replacement under warranty ( I included a copy of receipt ) . I was sent a refurbished unit that was instantly defective. I sent in that unit and received a second refurbished unit also instantly defective. I sent in the 2nd defective refurbished unit and received a 3rd refurbished unit. It should be noted the 3rd defective "refurbished" unit was the unit I bought new, completely unfixed serial #206NDWE83593.

Beware of these lying weasels.

After all this inconvenience and the lying to me LG has offered to give me my money back.
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  1. LG did this to you? Where did you buy it from?
  2. Depending on where you live this might fall under the Lemon law, basically if they provide you with a certain amount of defective units they must replace it with a brand new product. Don't know if electronics fall under it in this fashion though either.
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