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i have two routers currently. one upstairs that is a dlink di-634m and one downstairs that is a dlink di-624 rev. C. the one upstairs is linked to the internet via a comcast cable modem. the one upstairs is linked to a printer and another computer, and to the one downstairs via a 100ft CAT-5E cable (not cross-over). the one downstairs is linked to four computers plus i linked the 100ft cable to the "WAN" port on the downstairs router.

my problems that i want to give the downstairs router a static ip address and i dont know how to do that. and what will happen if i disable DHCP on the downstairs router? please help! thanks!
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  1. o ya i forgot to say that the main reason for me to do this is because of port forwarding. i want to port forward from the di 634m to the di 624 to my computer so i can play my games online.... can anyone help me with that? thanks!
  2. In general, DHCP server can give a static IP address to a particular PC. The way you do it is tell DHCP server that if it sees MAC of that PC, give specified IP address. I would think that you can tell DHCP server on your D-Link router to do as specified. Check/look around in your router's admin pages.

    For your specific network, the way you would do is you only need to configure DHCP server running on your upstairs router as said above, no need to touch downstairs routers at all. MAC address you need to give to upstairs DHCP is the one from the WAN interface of downstairs router. You might have to reboot the upstairs router or similar to take effect.

    If you turn off DHCP on downstairs router, those four computers won't get IP address and practically become standalone computers.
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