Gateway 4200-09 arrow keys will not function to get into safe mode

I have a Gateway 4200-09 desktop, running Win Vista Home Premium and the arrow key will not allow movement to get into safe mode, I can type password, I have tried USB and a regular keyboard (PS2), same on both. Would like some help, thanks in advance.
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  1. Sorry, it is DX 4200-09 Gateway
  2. No, I have had not had any replies to help...
  3. I keep getting emails from the site about my post, but NO one (not even a staff member) has made a reply post...

    So my answer to the many email about my post is;

    No replies, no help...
  4. Can some one please help with this...
  5. Can some one tell me how to get a little help here, about my post (see link below) made in March 2012,


    Thanks in advance.
  6. Still no help, gee...
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