is my PSU good enough.Experts advice required

This is very imp question as far as I am concerned regarding psu.As I am goin to buy asus crosshair mobo with any cpu.I have creative fatalty,videomate tv tuner card,sony dvd writer and seagate 250gb .I am also goin to buy Radeon HD 3870 X2.2 gb ddr 2 ram.Now I got Cooler master 500 watt igreen power psu and I bought it with the hope to use crossfire as it have 2 connectors.So now I want to know is my psu is good enough for my system.
This is the link of psu I am already have
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  1. 500w is pushing it and that PSU is not great to begin with. Get the PC P&C 610w: It is the best PSU for that price range and that watt range. That comes from an "expert" lol.
  2. Corsair or Antec would be good to look at also the Corsair520 or Antec anything over 550w should be great... blood ravens suggestion would also fit the bill
  3. ^Agreed
  4. ok guys thx for your advices
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