EP45-DS3R won't overclock! Help - have to deliver it in the morning!

So...I took a Q6600 from my computer (easily overclocks there), and bought a Gigabyte EP45-DS3R, OCZ Vanquisher Cooler, 4 x 2GB's of OCZ Reaper PC2-8500, 580W supply, basic Nvidia card (at his request - the computer is for a sound technician), and 2 x 74GB Raptors....it all works FINE, but if I try to raise the FSB to 286MHz, it fails to boot, and the bios eventually resets to a failsafe condition.

I have tried:

Raising the CPU voltage 100mV

Raising the RAM voltage to 2.1V

Fixing the PCi / graphics to 100MHz (is this correct?)

There are so many overclock options, and I have no time to 'learn' this board before I have to hand it over in about 12hrs.

If anybody out there can help me reach at least 3.2GHz, you will surly be rewarded in Heaven :)

Remember - this CPU overclocked beautifully in my other computer.

Thanks in advance for your answers.
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  1. I hope your customer knows this is a used CPU. If he doesn't, you'll probably have a hard time getting anybody to help you because that's a pretty dishonest trick.

    You just said "580W supply". What brand? Have you tried posting with just 2 DIMM's? What are the rated timings and voltage on your RAM?
  2. Is the PSU name brand? or Generic? Generic PSUs dont like overclocking.

    Make sure your running the Ram 1:1.

    Your CPU vore should be 1.35- 1.45 and even up to 1.5 if your VID is horrible.

    What are your CPU temps, maybe you mounted the cooler wrong/bad.

    Next time dont sell a overclocked computer, without knowing what you are doing.

    Sell him the used board and used CPU.

    The ram probably needs 2.1 stock it will need more volts for 4 sticks.

    Oh and did I say dont sell a overclocked system if you dont know what you are doing?

    Update the Bios!!!!!!

    And yes no one in this forum likes seeing noobs try to pawn their old stuff to other noobs.
  3. roadrunner197069 said:
    And yes no one in this forum likes seeing noobs try to pawn their old stuff to other noobs.

    ^ True :lol:

    Is this your RAM?


    If it is, roadrunner197069 is right. It takes 2.1v stock to get 5-5-5-18 timings. 4 DIMMs are harder on the board. You will probably have to up the RAM voltage to 2.2v to run all 4 DIMMs. You might also have to up the Northbridge voltage to get all 4 DIMMs to run. You should really do more research before trying to throw a computer together for a customer.

    Next time dont sell a overclocked computer, without knowing what you are doing.

  4. Wow, you get hung here for nothing! :)

    Well, he knows exactly where eveything is coming from, and yes that is the RAM 'shortstuff'.

    The PSU is some 'max power' Chinese thing, and it, like all except the CPU, is new.

    The timings are currently CAS5.

    So the common mode of thinking here is the CPU might not be up to scratch?

    Thanks anyway for your answers, however much you jump to conclusions.
  5. I haven't seen anybody mention the CPU as the problem. It looks like either the RAM or PSU. Have you run Memtest86+ to test the RAM? You're also just asking for trouble using a POS no-name PSU. There's a very good chance of it blowing up and taking other hardware with it. I would see if you can delay deliver and get a quality PSU from Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, OCZ, Antec, etc...

    P.S. Sorry for jumping to conclusions. We see a lot of noobs on here trying to pass their old hardware along to some unsuspecting sucker. I do stand by my comment about doing more research before doing a build for a customer, however.
  6. Shortstuff: yeah no probs. But, he can't wait, at all, we had delivery delays already, so I'm tempted to hand it over @ stock settings until I can negotiate the purchase of a better quality supply with him...

    I just updated the bios this second, and just about to boot.

    Thanks again.
  7. The first thing I would check in addition to the PSU is the RAM. Ideally you would want to run Memtest86+ for at least 8 hours, but I know you don't have that much time. You should really run it for at least a pass or two before delivery. If it comes up with any errors at its rated timings and voltage, you might be dealing with defective RAM.
  8. Well since I build PCs as a side income, I will give you some friendly advive from experience.

    Never ever buy generic PSU's "Especially if you want to run a dedicated GPU, and/or overclock!"

    The problem is probably the power supply. But just to be sure try your ram @2.2v and try the CPU @ 1.5 just to see if it boots. If it does fine tune the voltage. If it dont you need a new CPU, and it may kill the whole system if left unchanged.
  9. shortstuff: it is late for me here in CPH, so I hadn't considered the new RAM could be defective, but you are right, breaking out my memtest iso now....

    And will check it in the morning.

    Thanks again.
  10. Ok guys,

    I ran memtest @ stock settings (not much choice) for 8:14hrs and it was all clear.

    Ran out and purchased a Corsaire VX550W PSU this morning, and IT IS NO DIFFERENT. Dog dammit.

    Trying some new higher voltages now.

    Customer not available, so have the system for the afternoon at least.

    Keep the ideas coming!

  11. Have you tried it with just 2 DIMMs yet? What is the CPU voltage at?
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