Diagnostic tools for a new system

Can somebody please provide me with some links for utilities to test my hardware like ram and hdd, to make sure it's all well and good?

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  1. Orthos will stress memory and your CPU. Type orthos into google you'll find it.

    Not sure there's anything to test a hard drive.. if it runs windows then it works, right?
  2. just for a quick and dirty way to check if things are working and for synthetic benchmarks to compare to use sisoft sandra - free, google it. ram, hdd, network, drives, cpu, etc
  3. sandra is decent.

    memtest is a must-have.

    super pi mod to brag about 1mb calculation speed.

    orthos x2 for stress testing.

    3dmark in a loop.

    Go to your harddisk manufacturer site & get their free software to do a sector-by-sector test. Should've been done before installing os. To test both read & write.
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