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Hi everyone,
i am looking to build a new computer with a XFX/Asus 8800GT 512mb graphics card and my friend has decide to offload her 26" LG LCD TV from 2 years ago for AUD500 bucks. I was wondering if my graphics card will be compatible with a LCD TV from 2 years ago and if 1 card would be able to support playing on 26" at a high resolution on games like crysis,COD4,NFS etc etc. Also, will i go blind from sucha big tV? haha. Thanks for the help in advance. Cheers
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  1. you should be able to play on that TV without any problem. It'll probably have a VGA connector, but if it doesn't there are cables that will convert the vga to rca. as far as playing crysis on high res with details turned up... good luck with 1 vid card. you'll need to run SLI if you want that.

    As long as you don't HAVE to crank up the gfx, you'll be fine with 1 card. I have an 8800gt, and at 1440x900, high quality (no AA or AF), the gfx bench averages something like 45fps. When I put it on low quality (which still looks awesome) it averages like 70.
  2. a tv at that size only supports 1280x720p. at this resolution i will get 9600gt for $179.00 instead, leave 8800gt for higher resolutions. remember, pc monitors looks much better than any tv.
  3. I'd pick up an HDMI to DVI cable. That's what I did for times I want to game on my 42". At that res you are fine. The only thing I would be concerned with is the LCD response rate. Your TV might not be able to keep up with your card. You might get some ghosting on fast moving games.
  4. Hmm, so if i get that LCD TV, i cant game on higher res= lousy looking game? I think the lcd comes with a dvi cable or something. Is 5ms Response rate good enuf for games?
  5. ^ A TV will always look lousy compared to a real monitor...
  6. 5ms respone rate is fine most gamers look for the 2 ms ones
    but 5 isnt too shabby
  7. aziraphale said:
    ^ A TV will always look lousy compared to a real monitor...

    I beg to differ, my 42" 1080p lcd tv look WAY better than my monitor ever does. It is just a pain to lug my PC downstairs and hook it up. And it is cumbersome to pull a coffee table over me for keyboard and mouse.

    My parents have an older 32" that ghosts bad when i hooked it up to play.
  8. you can play on full hd on your tv when you hook up your PC?maybe its because you have an hdmi cable.if connect any other VGA ro DVi cable then the pc will only detect the native resolution of the tv(1366x786 maybe?)
  9. aziraphale said:
    ^ A TV will always look lousy compared to a real monitor...

    Not if you're TV is a quality display and supports 1080p.
  10. @ the OP

    You really need to know the native resolution and connection type of the TV. I suspect that, given the age of the TV, Mohikangamer is correct in that it's native resolution is only 1280x720.

    -Wolf sends
  11. a tv support 1080i/p doesnt mean if you connect it through vga or dvi it will be 1080i/p its the native resolution that counts.because digital tv they can accept any size format and just compress it before display it on the screen.check the tv spec for the native resolution.
  12. Try to get a TV with a VGA or DVI input. Even a 1280x720 TV image will look good for games, now if it was a standard definition TV then it would not look very good. You might just want to get a 22-24" monitor if you can find one for the same price and maybe a TV tuner card that supports high-def signals.
  13. I think the one i'm getting is a 26" HD Ready but only 780, not the 1080 one since its from 2 years ago. It looks humongous though, and i cant seem to find the same model on the internet. Frustrates me.
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