SATA harddrive not detected on IDE motherboard in BIOS !

Well one of my friends got a new Seagate Barracuda 320 GB SATA harddrive, without knowing his 80's model motherboard does'nt have any SATA after getting to know this, he got a new SATA to IDE converter.....but after connecting the harddrive, it could'nt detect in the BIOS.....All the cables are connected properly, the converter is working properly (well i assume this coz the LED on the converter is working properly ) . well the pc has two IDE ports, DVD rom as Secondary master. I cleared the CMOS but no progress :( so kindly help us out of there any BIOS setings to change???

ONdaTA motherboard P4E PRO (Intel 845PE Chipset)
Some Pentium 4 CPU
JetRAM DDR 400 MHZ 256 MB
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 HDD

Here are some screenshots from Bios

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  1. might be worth taking the sata drive back and getting an ide instead.
  2. I've never used this type of converter. Is there a place on it to set whether the converted drive appears to be the Master or Slave on the IDE channel? I would presume the plan is to make it the Primary channel Master, which likely would become the C: boot drive.

    Is there a choice in the BIOS Setup Main Menu for Auto-detecting a hard drive? Sometimes running this built-in utility can force the BIOS to examine the HDD and figure it out.
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