Why have more than one all purpose read write cd/dvd drive?

I have one LG 22X Dual Format/Double Layer DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW Drive on my system.
In configurator builds you are offered a second drive as an option.
Also in packaged systems (i'm smart enough to stay away from those) they package 2 drives.
I see the need for only one all purpose read write cd/dvd drive.
Is there any reason or application need to have 2 drives on your system?
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  1. The only real main reason is for easy disk copying. There's probably a few other reasons, but I don't really see the need. I have a single drive, and it's all I ever seem to need.
  2. thanks
  3. Just ease of access really, though if you use daemon tools to rip your favourite games (that you own) then you can dispense with most dvds alltogether.
  4. Its not a necessity...

    but at some rare times, i've had an open dvd (not finalized) and needed to get a file or install something using the second drive. Now with home networks and thumbdrives it really is just a convenience thing
  5. Not all drives are created equal. Some burn or read better than others. LG is pretty marginal all-around, whereas Pioneer and Samsung are a bit better at both tasks.

    Some of us keep multi drives around, just in case we come across troublesome discs.

    As stated already, it is helpful for duplication too. (For some of us, small-number duplication is part of our job.)
  6. Optical drives is one of the most under-utilize hardware on the PC. For most cases one is sufficient. It does nothing most of the time. I have an LG drive that can read/write from Blue-Ray to the Old CD-Disc. Thats all i need.
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