AMD 6400 BE with 6150M2MA

ive got a Win fast 6150M2MA (i know cheap mobo) but i read that it wont work with a AMD 6400+ Black Edition, but im sure it will, can anyone confirm it

mobo specs =

mobo has a FSB of 2000
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    That is every CPU listed. If you want to try the 6400+ BE go for it but if it is not listed it normally means its not supported since the microcode is different per chip.
  2. hmm ok, maybe that list needs updating, i guess there cant be that much change from AMD 6400+ and AMD 6400+ black edition
  3. 1. Try 5000be , cheaper, cooler, lowpower, and only margin slower... and you can play with multiplayers...
    Differences between 6400be+ & 5000be+:
    90nm vs 65nm
    Locked vs unlocked multiplier
    copy paste from akhilles... thanks !!
  4. i looked at the 5000 BE but i want to some video encoding DVD to PS3 using handbrake i need the 3.2Ghz
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