BSOD when OCing, need help,

Hi guys, I'm trying to OC my Q9650 to 4.0g. I have a Asus Rampage Formula and I'm OCing my CPU with AI Suite. Ok here's the deal, I'm raising the FSB by 25 from 333... I can reach 400FSB but when I try to hit 425FSB I get BOSD. My ram should be good enough to handle 425 since its Corsair 1066. I'm wondering if raising the Voltage under bio may help push it to 3.8 or even 4.0. Thanks in advance.
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  1. hi,

    read this sticky if you haven't already:

    incidentally, it's best to OC from bios rather than using 3rd party software. And you would be correct in thinking that you will probably achieve better stability by increasing voltage. But before you start bumping voltage make sure you know the limits of your cpu:

    1.3625v for your vcore is intel's max specification

    Hope that helps get you started
  2. Oh one other thing, don't try to overclock with the stock Heat sink. Intel stock hsf sux big time. It's fine for running stock settings but not for OCing
  3. i suspect that you havent even uped vcore yet, that would explain the bsod. ure ram is fine as vinegar said stock hs is balls get rid of it asap
  4. Hi guys, it seem to be running fine at 4.0 atm. I ran prime95 for 2 hours with no error... I'll do a full 8hr prime when I go to sleep later tonight. I set my volt to 1.368 but under cpu-z it shows 1.32 and when i run prime it drops to 1.28. I'm not sure why the volt would drop but its stable. Also, my max temp is 60c.
  5. The voltage dropped when under load because of vdroop. If it's still stable at that voltage, I wouldn't worry about it. A max temp of 60c on a stock heatsink is actually pretty good.
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