nf630i-gf7150 + core2 E6500 vs 730G-hd3200 + a64x2 5600

Which would make a better HTPC system.

Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H, AMD 780G with integrated radeon HD3200
coupled with an AMD athlon 64 x2 5600+


EVGA nForce-630i with integrated GeForce 7150
coupled with an Intel core 2 duo e6500

I think the 780g is a better boards with better graphics but the e6500 would use less power and run alot cooler. I don't want to overclock or play games on this machine. Just play HD movies and listen to music, as well as rip movies and music.

Another thing is sound quality I'm thinking of going for an x-fi extreme music if the sound quality on the board I get isn't up to scratch. Does anyone know what the sound quality is like on either of these boards?
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  1. The 6500 would not really run cooler....

    Just make sure you get a Brisbane core for the 5600+. If you are not overclocking or playing games, the AMD setup will be better for you.

    Don't know about sound quality.
  2. Well if you don't plan to play games you can try one of the BE AMD processors that use 45 watts (like 2400 or the new 4850e if you can find it).
  3. pretty sure the AMD has better graphics, and AMD is generalty better for low end sytems. I don't know about sound, but if you don't like it, upgrade, like you said
  4. Thanks for the advice. If I want to rip dvd's to xvid the BE processors would be significantly slower wouldn't they?
  5. pretty sure BE is Black Edition, only for OCing, what you said you didn't want to do.

    just look at the speed and wattage per dollar.

    you don't need a mega CPU for what you want. I'd say what you're looking at is already overkill. look at the various CPU and thier Wattage. lower watts is less heat, less noise, and less engery wasted
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