Windows 7 profesional student upgrade how to install

can i use the windows 7 professional student upgrade to upgrade from windows 7 home premium?
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  1. You can, you can also do a clean install follow the directions on this link
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I do not want to do a clean install and I believe I'm getting the download version. Do i still need to create a disk or let the system do it's upgrade?

    Thank you in advance.
  3. It should just be as simple as one button press to get it going. The disk is only if you want to back it up without having to download it again.
  4. Hi, Just purchased a windows 7 professional student upgrade. I have downloaded everything that's needed to be downloaded and started the installation process. The installation did not proceed as it's saying that I need to use the windows anytime upgrade, I tried windows anytime upgrade but it says the upgrade key i entered is for and edition of windows that does not work with windows anytime upgrade. Help!
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