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Hello, when searching the bios for SATA capabilities, a setting was accidently changed so that there is no master/slave assigned. I cannot access the BIOS at this time - the system goes to the RAID BIOS setting utility, trying to scan devices & "please wait...." How can I get back to the BIOS to correct?
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  1. There is no master / slave with SATA drives.

    However, you may have turned off your CD/DVD device if it was IDE.

    You should try different keys to get back to the BIOS at initial startup.
    It could be the Delete, Escape, or any of the Function keys, one of them works.

    In your RAID setup utility, if you only have one SATA drive, you should look for a setting to make it a JBOD setup (just a bunch of drives) as there will be no RAID to setup.
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