hey i need a lil help

um i got a new case and i dont remember what the lil colored 1 slot wires go to so i'm a lil stuck
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  1. You'll continue to stay stuck with a post like that. Can you please provide more information, such as what have you plugged in so far?
  2. You need to read your motherboard manual.
  3. um i got the mother bored installed i have to pulg these wires in and then say spkout l, r,ground,return r and l ,mic in,mic bais thats the frist set.this is second hdd led,power led-,power led +,reset led. this is the third set, 1 ground,1 +d,1 - d,1+vcc x2.this is the last set power sw ok thats the wire i dont no where they go
  4. :) ahh...new computer builders. Again, check your motherboard manual. The first set is your audio hookup, the second is for the power and HDD activity lights lights, the third set is for your front USB ports and the last is the power switch. Your motherboard manual will say which posts on the motherboard those plugs attach to.
  5. roadrunner197069 said:
    You need to read your motherboard manual.


    Or atleast give us a link to the motherboard.
  6. All noobs should buy an Asus with the Q-connector.
  7. Hey maaaaaan
    Do not panic
    Put this remaining wire into that socket
    And that's it
    Stay at a safe distance from your PC and power on
    And HOREEEEEEEEEEEEY here you go
    Or maybe you mobo will go
  8. I really believe that people post before reading the manual like they should..Isn't that easier than booting up a computer and waiting for a simple reply that you can find in a book in front of you?
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