My new PC build. Which OS is better?

I've ordered today a new PC. Here is the specifications list of the build.

I still don't know which OS to install:
Vista x64 or Vista x32
My main use will be for Games.

Vista x32 will not give me full 4Gb RAM but x64 will give.
I don't know how the games run on x64 OS.
Any help ?

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200, 1333Mhz, s775, 6MB
Motherboard: Gigabyte EX38-DS4 s775 1600Mhz, Intel X38, DDR2 1200, 2xPCI-E
RAM: Corsair DDR II 800Mhz 2x2GB DHX TwinX CL5
Hard-Disk: Western Digital 500GB 7200RPM, 16MB, SATA II
VGA: GigaByte 8800GTS 512MB GDDR3 DX10 HDTV 2xDVI PCI-E
Monitor: LG L226WTQ 22'' LCD 2ms DVI WideScreen
DVD Recorder: LG DVD±RW GH20NS x20 Black SATA
Case: Raidmax SMILODON ATX Mid Tower Black (No PSU)
Power Supply: Chieftec 650W Active PFC, 12cm Fan (24pin)
Keyboard & Mouse: Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 1000
Speakers: Creative Inspire T6100, 5.1
TV Tuner: AverMedia AVerTV Super 007 FM
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  1. If you ever plan on adding more ram or going sli I would recommend 64 otherwise you'd be better off with 32. The reason being 32 os's can only reference 4 gbs of memory total (that includes the memory on your gfx cards) but 64 bit os's take up more memory. So you won't see any benefit with 64 now but if you upgrade you would in the future.
  2. Either would work. but why not get both and try them out?
    Costco is selling Vista home premium upgrade for $85. That is the 32 bit retail (not oem) version. For $10 handling cost, microsoft will send you the 64 bit dvd. There is a legitimate procedure to install an upgrade version even though you do not have another os installed.
  3. I will use xp until there are actually compelling reasons to switch.
    Any 'features' in vista are too minor to justify the bloating
    and bad controls that comes with vista
  4. Screw those options what you need to get is osx that has been modified for use on a pc. Thats the best os made today. Jk go with windows vista 64b as long as youve got at least 4gb of ram
  5. Since you have 2x2GB of ram and you plan to use it for gaming 64bit is the way to go.

    I'm not sure if it's true or not but I have heard people talk about 64bit vista being more stable than 32bit. I havn't used 32bit vista but with 64 I havn't had a single crash with my new build I've been running a few months now. Also it seems that the only reason to go 32bit over 64bit is compatability but I havn't had a single issue yet. I was worried I couln't get drivers for my 6 year old printer but sure enough, went to the website, 64bit vista drivers were a click away.

    GL&HF with your new comp.
  6. Thanks guys for the information.

    maybe installing multiple OS (32 & 64) will be good option for me at the beging to decide which one will be better.
    I got with the PC the ultimate version which gives me the option to install 32 bit & 64 bit.

    Osx won't give me any advantage to install it since this PC is dedicated for games. But could be an option for the future only to enjoy it :)
  7. I would go with Vista64.

    I have 2*2 gigs and have been running Vista64 SP1 without any problems. Not sure why so many people are having problems with Vista. Maybe I am just one of the lucky ones. :)
  8. Deathviper & GodSizeSna kEyes,

    Do you play games on your 64 Bit OS ?
    If yes, what games, and what GPU do you have ?

    I have Vista 64Bit on my work's notebook, everything runs great on it but didn't try games..
  9. tonyhabayeb said:
    Deathviper & GodSizeSna kEyes,

    Do you play games on your 64 Bit OS ?
    If yes, what games, and what GPU do you have ?

    Yup, my machine is primarly for gaming. I play WoW, CoD4, C&C3, WC3 TFT, alot of demos including Crysis, and waiting on AoC. I have a 2.1GHz Brisbane OCed to 2.8GHz, and 4 gig of ddr2 800.

    The only game that gave me any problem was CnC3. When I first installed the game and tried to load it up I was getting a directX error of some sort. I found out all I needed to do was get the CnC patch updated and it ran fine after that.

    Im using a HIS 512mb IceQ 3850, no OC. I have done some test OCing with ATI overdrive but generally just run it stock because thats plenty powerful enough for my current games.

    As far as frame rates they could be better but for a low budget Vista Rig I am in good shape. Only using a 17" flat screen CRT thou.

    WoW with max settings and resoulution I get 60+ and 30s when in a major city.

    CoD4 with med res and everything on high I get around 40 FPS

    Crysis demo really pushed my setup. Had to go to med settings to get around 40 fps. I did try all max to see what would happen and it was a slide show.
  10. tonyhabayeb said:
    I don't know how the games run on x64 OS.
    Any help ?

    I have Vista 64 Ultimate with 2 x 2 Gigs and have had no problems running Bioshock, Crysis, Command and Conquer, Oblivion and of course Fallout 2 :)
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