How do I reactivate RAID 0 without losing date?

The seniario is
Windows XP, The 3 SATA disc (500gb each)Raid 0 comes up in Intel Matrix Storage as OK and identifies all 3 drives as OK.
I open up "My Computer" can't see the Drive (raid 0)
I go to Disk Manager and the drive shows up as "Unallocated" "On Line" "Dynamnic Disc"
How do I reallocate or reactivate this drive without losing the data on it?
Right click only allows "delete" or "New Volumn"
Please help? I'm sure I'm not the first.
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  1. If you can still load the operating installed on this disk then the problem isn't with the drives. Once a RAID 0 fails you have lost everything and must start over. So I say again if you are booting to the OS on this array then you do not have a problem with the disks... it's something with the reporting or GUI or something.
  2. You can use Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image home to back up your entire drive (i.e. c:\) or specific folder of your choice. You can save your image-files on DVD discs. In case you lose your data you can restore it through from your image file.

    Do this before you work on your RAID configuration.
  3. Thanks guys. The OS isn't on the raid in question. I do have another storage drive on the system and will try the acronis which I have and let you know what I see or better yet what Acronis sees.
    I'll be back.
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