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Can anyone recommend a decent case fan? Something that isn't too expensive and runs nice and quiet.

I would need a 120mm and an 80mm fan. I know 80mm fans are going to run a little louder because of the smaller size -> faster rpm -> more noise, but is there a company that makes them as quiet as possible?

Is there a certain company that is known for quiet fans or should I be looking at specific models?

I really prefer to order parts from NewEgg, so it'd be great if I could order whatever is recommended from there.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Best place to check is SPCR:
  2. There is always the conundrum of quiet versus airflow.

    For a 120MM fan:

    The Noctua SF-P12 is very quiet and has decent airflow, however, in terms of raw power you can't beat the LOUD Silverstone FM-121 which can move 110 CFM. For my set-up I prefer a powerful fan that I can undervolt with a fan controller when I don't need a lot of air movement.

    In general people rave about Papst fans for silence, but Newegg doesn't sell them. Have to go elsewhere.
  3. After looking around for some fans for my build upgrade i found Scythe and Arctic Cooling to have some of the best noise/cfm ratios round. They are worth checking out... ill be getting Arctic Cooling ones but thats only because Scythe is hard to come by in AUS
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