finally got watercooling set up...results

Hey everyone. I finally set up the watercooling for my computer and fired it up last night. Thanks to Conumdrum, Rubix_1011 and Phreejak for advice and info. my set up:

ASUS Maximus Extreme motherboard

- Swiftech Apogee GTZ CPU waterblock
- MCP655 - variable speed pump
- Feser X-Changer Dual 120mm Xtreme Performance Radiator
- MIPS Northbridge waterblock
- EK Max-ex Southbridge waterblock

So I also switched out the CPU from a qx6850 to a qx9770 and a 8800gtx superclocked to a 4870 1gb OC videocard, but everything else is the same.

ambient temp was 72 F in my house last night...

old temps:
CPU - 42, 41, 29, 29
NB - 42
SB - 41

New temps:
CPU - 29, 29, 17, 18
NB - 31
SB - 30

I am very happy with the results. thanks everyone
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  1. Congratulations!
    Excellent job!
  2. Good job, nice cold temps! Any thoughts on including the 4870 in your loop?
  3. Nice....looks good!

    Another question about the 4870 in the cooling loop...?? I bet its only a matter of time... :)

    Please post pics, if possible. Glad we could effort.
  4. Not sure yet on connecting the 4870...I bought the Powercolor 1gb OC'd card (800/3700) and it does run much cooler that the reference models. The reason behind switching from the nVidia 8800 was that with the x38 board I can xfire 2 of the cards. So for xmas I will get a second card for my ultimate buildout. I won't be able to watercool 2 of the cards (not with the Feser 240 rad, I would have to get a 360 rad) But with the CPU, NB and SB all watercooled, I turned the case fans all on the RAM and videocard.

    thanks again everyone, I'm very happy so far.
  5. 2 of those cards + your current setup...I would suggest just a second radiator all together.
  6. NICE!

    Good work man. Thanks for posting your results. Put up some pics if you took any.
  7. So I ran 3dmark06 since the rebuild...and I'm very pleased.

    old score: 13,007
    new: 17,343

    CPU Temp registered that no core got above 32 C!
  8. 17343 impressive. I wish i could fix my GX2 :(

    Anyways....what vcore u running ur nbridge and cpu at?
    Try pushing it further ? :D
  9. I have the vcore set to 1.2v...The Maximus Extreme seems to be off for CPU and NB voltages. On auto, the CPU volts were fluctuating from 0.98 to 1.1v. When I oc'd to 3.6, it started to stick on boot screens...So I bumped CPU v to 1.2, and NB to 1.4. This weekend I also installed Vista 64bit. I'll push the cpu to 4.0GHz and re-run 3DMark06. I need more ram though...I'm only running 2gb.
  10. 2 GB on that rig!?!?!??! :O

    What lol get 4 Asap especially with Vista
  11. next on the list...4gb more for a total of 6gb...and a second 4870 1gb videocard...but that's christmas...
  12. why bother with 6 gig? just get another two to make 4...
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