I will be upgrading, need some advise as to which way to go

I will be upgrading wifes computer. Would like to hear some opinions from you guys.

As you can see in my sig I have a fine system.

I have on hand a Sapphire X1950PRO Ultimate w/ a Zalman fan sitting in a drawer that will go in wifes new system (she has an AMD 3200+ with AGP)

Do I buy new stuff for me and give her my old stuff? If I go that way, I wanna get another HD3870 vid card, get a Crossfire MoBo and either a E8400 or Q6600.. Maybe some 1066 memory, or 1000 Mushkin Redline seems to have a good price......

I tried to search to see how much improvement I will see with 2 vid card but dont come up with anything specific. I dont play Crysis, but who knows what I will play later? Is there a list of games that make full use of 2 vid cards in Crossfire?

Or I can go cheap

Get me a new MoBo (thinking x38), give her mine and get an E2160 and OC it up. Get some memory, slap in the vid card and presto, done for not much.

I leaning towards the cheaper way since my OC'ed chip is not far off the new fangled chips these days...

What do you all think?
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  1. For yourself buy, e8400, x38, 4-8 GB PC28500, 2 x 3870.

    For her, give her what's left and and many more days filled with thoughtfulness.
  2. now your making fun of me.

    I have 4gb of memory and I dont think I have every approached 3gigs use...........

    But her toughest game is Sims..............
  3. No, I wasn't making fun. Buy the 'new' parts you mentioned and upgrade your system. Maybe retire the AMD 3200 and have two modern systems out of the upgrade using some of your current parts to build a suitable, faster more modern machine for her. I do it all the time 8).
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