Quick question about connecting case fans to motherboard

I'm right in the middle of my system build and just noticed that the motherboard (Asus P5K-E) has connectors for fans (PWR_FAN, CHA_FAN1 thru CHA_FAN4). I assume this allows me to connect any/all the case fans to the motherboard instead of connecting them directly to the power supply? I searched the forum and everything seems to indicate that's what they are there for, but my 1st build I had the fans connected to the PSU and I want to make sure I don't screw something up. It already took me like an hour to install the CPU and mobo because I had to take the mobo out because I should've installed the CPU and heatsink first (I guessed wrong on the order).

Is the PWR_FAN connector the same as the rest? It's the closest to the top fan and I want to plug it in to that one.

Stupid question, I know, but I'd rather ask the stupid question now then have to buy a new CPU and mobo because I didn't ask. Thanks.
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  1. Just a last minute check for a yay or nay. I ran out of time last night so I got everything connected but haven't powered up yet.

    I have to say, that Q6600 heatsink fan is really a pain to mount.
  2. all fan headers on the mainboard will power the fans no issues... as long as the fans have 3 pin connectors... i have 6 plugged into my P5K-e no probs ;)
  3. chookman said:
    all fan headers on the mainboard will power the fans no issues... as long as the fans have 3 pin connectors... i have 6 plugged into my P5K-e no probs ;)

    Thanks, chookman, it's always nice to get confirmation. Everything booted and right now drive is formatting and installing windows XP. I think I'm going to have issues with that heatsink, though, it's really not secure on there. I can just pull it off without any effort. I think I'm definitely going to have to go out and get an aftermarket one.

    On the bright side, with all of the fans plugged into the mobo and getting rid of all my IDE devices the case looks a lot cleaner.
  4. Did you make sure that the clips were securely through the otherside of the motherboard, because there is no-way you should be able to just pull them off.
  5. Just make sure the fans are not drawing too much power for the connector. Many case fans on the market need more current than the on-board fan headers can supply, and thus risk burning out those circuits.
    PWR-FAN can be used for anything, but is intended for the power-supply fan speed connector that some PS's have.
  6. This post may help on mounting the CPU cooler (it needs to be done with the MB outside the case): http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/194385-31-part-assembly#t1184072
  7. A follow up question. Where does one connect the second case fan on a M3N78 Pro Asus MoBo? There is only one cha fan1 connector. The PSU fan header is used by the PSU and the cpu fan header is used by the CPU fan. Now what?

    Is there an adapter to parallel the little three pin header?


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