Need Help Choosing Motherboard & Memory

I'm interested in building a new PC with the E8500 as soon as it is available. I'm still struggling with the best choice of motherboard and RAM. I'm leaning toward DDR2 for cost savings, but I want something that can be overclocked. Any suggestions? As for the other components, I'm thinking I'll go with:

2 8800GT in SLI

Seagate Barracuda HD

Antec 900 Case

Also, what power supply and cooling system do you recommend?
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  1. For cooling, I got this case for Christmas. But you will want a better PSU for your needs. I'm not up as much on intel, mostly like AMD stuff.

    Of course it may be somewhat of a budget case, but it's not bad. I like it really well, got the large fan in the side, and an 80mm that we installed to pull air out the back. The blue led lights are ok too, no need for internal cold cathodes, I've got some, can't even see them if I light them up. Also, if your drives don't match, it's even got the front faceplate built onto the case with a button. But with stock heatsink/cpu fan, and the large fan in the side of this case, as well as an 80 mm installed for exhuast, according to speedfan, my Athlon 5200 x2 idles at under 30 degrees celcius. Just keep spray air and keep it cleaned out if it's in a dusty part of the house.

    For the PSU, take a look at this, this will help you get an idea of what a good PSU would likely be.
  2. These are sli-certified psu's:

    You have no choice but to go with nvidia chipsets for SLI. Evga 780i (standard) or ASUS P5N-T (better chipset/mosfet cooling) if you're going to upgrade the cpu down the road. 680i does up to Wolfdales (e8x00).

    Any ram with micron d9 chips are the best overclockers. Ballistix, Firestix, G.Skill HZ, etc.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I'll be using the PC for normal business usage (MS Office), Internet, various applications, and lots of time using Microsoft Flight Simulator, which has a high demand on graphic resources.
  4. I think I smashingly approve of the Antec 9000 case. I already have one and I will get another very soon with my new system I am planning right now.
    All about the 9600 GT's seems to me to be very good altough you may go to the 8800GT with a SLI.
    Just wanted to comment on the case...
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