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Ok, here's my situation. I have a SFF case, microatx motherboard and a really long gpu (gtx 260). Because of my mobo layout, the end of my GPU is blocking my sata ports. I have 2 hdds in RAID-0, which i was able to connect to the sata ports w/o problems, using a couple right-angled SATA cables. The problem is, those cables are preventing me from hooking up any more cables. I did some googleing and found a sata cable that is angled the other way (so that the notch is on the left, rather than on the right), this would allow me to connect two more sata cables, since there are 3 rows of 2 sata cables. See diagram below if you don't get the situation.

the orange cable shows how the two right-angled cables i'm currently using for my hdd's are, and the purple shows how i need a cable to be angled the other way.

What i'm looking to hook up is an esata PCI slot bracket so i can plug in my external sata drive. The problem is that all the brackets i've found either arent angled, or are only angled the same way as the cables i'm using now are. I've been trying to find either a bracket with cables angled the otehr way, or a bracket that lets you plug in a separate sata cable, so I could get one of the cables i found that would work right, and plug in that way.

The only solution i've been able to come up with would be to get a couple of these cables that are angled the other way (like the purple in the diagram) and connect my hdds with them, and then get some regular right-angled esata brackets... but this would mean that I'd have to move my hdds that are in RAID to different sata ports... and i think that would probably cause issues? Can someone tell me if i'm correct in thinking that and/or suggest another solution? thanks!
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  1. Here's a MAYBE thought. Look closely at the angle connectors on the cables you want to use (purple). Are they solid molded right on the end of the cable? Or, are they clamped on and locked in place with little tabs? If they are clamped on, maybe you can open them up and remove them, then install them instead on the end of your cable from the adapter plate. If this is your route, you MUST be sure the connections are right. Use a resistance meter or some such to be sure you detect and WRITE DOWN which pin at the board end of the original adapter plate cable connects to which pin at the plate end. Then when you're done assembling the modified cable, re-check to be sure you got it all exactly the same.
  2. hey, thanks for the reply. I'm not sure how the cables are exactly, as i havent ordered them yet. I guess splicing the cable together withe the esata bracket would probably work if done right
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