9800GX2 bench system
Intel C2E QX6850@3Ghz
Asus Striker II Formula(nVIDIA 780i)
2GB 800mhz@5-5-5-15
Graphic card:
GeForce 9800GX2 (600/2000/SP:1500)
Radeon HD 3870 X2 (825/1800)

9800GTX bench system
Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800:2.93Ghz
Gigabyte X38-DQ6
2GB 800mhz@5-5-5-15
Graphics Card:
9800GTX 512M (675/2200/1688Mhz)
GF 8800GTX 768M (575/1800/1350Mhz)
GF 8800GTS 512M (650/1800/1625Mhz)
GF 8800Ultra 768M (612/2160/1500Mhz)

Pretty impressive so far!If any one who is interest do some google translation to read about it.
9800GX2 - http://www.pconline.com.cn/diy/graphics/reviews/0803/1241871.html
9800GTX - http://www.pconline.com.cn/diy/graphics/reviews/0803/1243353.html
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  1. How is that impressive? Certainly not the performance improvement that a 9xxxx series card should have. Why not just call it an 8900?
  2. I personally think they shouldve called the 8800GT and 8800GTS cards the 9 Series instead.. since the chips are G9x ... They've only brought out these 9 series cards now to keep the generations moving along... people have seen 8 series for a while now, and obviously want a new digit to play with.

    Its just a stopgap till the good stuff comes, but if its priced well i'll be investing in the GTX for sure.
  3. Yes this is a slight improvement of 8800 series... What happens when ATI 4000 series comes out with Core clock above 1000Mhz and uses GDDR5 with higher memory clock speed?
  4. nVidia doesnt need to rush... ATi's product wont be worth buying until AFTER nVidia next gen has been released, seein as ATi's drivers USUALLY take 4 months before the bugs are ironed out.
  5. So, it is now the 18th of March officially.

    Is the 9800GX2 for sale yet or what?
  6. It doesnt seem that way. Not that I have the funds in the bank to buy any card right now! So it can wait for me :)
  7. 9800GTX is a disaster

    look for the 9900

    let me add too this:

    the 9800GTX was held back do to lack of chips, they have low yield on the 8800GT - the 8800GT is a bad 9800GTX chip.

    the performance of the 9800 was supposed to be much higher then it is, the gpu speed is pretty low compared to existing G80 chips

    the 8800GTS 512 is great card - thats why they release it as the 8800GTS and held back the 9800

    the 9800GX2 makes up for the lower then expect performance, clock speed and is a good match for the X2

    ati as went from 40-50% to 80-90% of the performance.

    nvidia was getting $700 for cards, now the X2 is $400 nvidia has lost the large lead.

    triple crossfire yields up to 20k 3dmark06 scores at 720p vs 12k for 2900 crossfore at near the same price

    triple sli is a disaster - i have one. again its relative nvidia has such a large lead and the 3-way is big let down. i paid almost $2000 for 3 cards - nvidia will not be selling many
    but ati will be selling lots of 3-way crossfire setups at $600 for the cards

    680i mobos are terrible - someday someone will write: they eat ram, they fail at high rights and the vdroop is so high i can run a spare cpu off it. (ok that was me ). failure rate is so high but people keep buying.

    last year newegg - people rated the mobos 4 eggs and wrote things like: "evga tech support rocks i am on my 3rd mobo and got if fast" then give it 5 eggs

    the ram issue is onreal - the 680i mobos do not just seat 2.2v ddr2 they eat 2.05v ddr2

    nvidia need a kille product to keep the mobos going and ball rolling the 9800 disaster will lead the a quick 9900 or 10,800? intel is getting in too gpu's heavy. ati has a winner with spider as soon as the fix the cpu error issue

    I am buying an X2 tomorrow.
  9. Compare some real benchmarks in a few days and I'm sure the Nvidia cards will not be too bad. Faster than the ATI anyway.
    Remember in the future DX10 games will not scale well in multi GPU so better 2way or 3 way SLI with faster gpu's (GTX) than 4way(GX2 or Ati X2).
    But I agree the price of the ATI cards is better.

    The new GTX is the best single GPU card around for half the price of the ultra, what's not good about that?

    I think poeple expect too much these days.
    They want double performance for half the price after a year or two?

    Anyway I'm happy, I might afford 3way SLI with these new prices...
  10. Kataklyzm said:

    I am buying an X2 tomorrow.

    I'm just waiting for Phenom 9750, 9850 BE or maybe just an 8750, so I won't be CPU limited with the 3870x2. Also, the one game I'm playing most right now doesn't support Crossfire or SLI (LOTR online). The games I'm playing less do support Crossfire (Oblivion, The Witcher). So, I wished I'd known the 4870 was right around the corner.

    In June, the 4870 is supposed to be a single GPU in the same league as the 3870x2: 50% faster than a 3870. There will also be a 4870x2 this summer. It's a good time to wait. What's three months?
  11. *yawn* what a non-event the 9800GTX/GX2 is turning out to be. If you've already running a 8800GT512/GTS512/GTX/Ultra or 3870X2 already, how can this be worth an upgrade? Mainly for those without the former said cards. Staying with 8800GT512 for now until something better from either camp makes me sit up and take notice. Wake me up in six months time...
  12. anyone recog there will be 9800 Ultra?I think Nvidia just messing about now since they have huge sucess of the 8800GTX a year ago.
  13. I just want the new generation right now, not this G92 refresh card and they branded it as the 9800 GTX. Great NVIDIA, you really screwed up big time. Releasing this card was just a complete waste of time.

    Sorry, but the "9800 GTX" failed for me. Releasing it as a 256 bit really annoyed me and a 256 bit isn't worth being called a high end card anymore.

    Bring on the GT200.
  14. when you guys the GT200 series will come out?the 256bit memory bus is the limiting factor i guess.and i really interested to find out how much you can overclock the memory?since its all maxed out!!!
  15. oh 1 more question does that mean its got a 512bit mem bus?or is it jus 2x256bit?so it quals out for example when doing 8 times AA and the performance hit of 4 times AA since twice the GPU power?
  16. Well this is an outrage. The 9800GTX is clocked 4% faster than an 8800GTS and beat the 8800GTS by 3% in benchmarks. They are the same card, I bet the 8800 will beat it at equal clock speeds.
  17. iluvgillgill said:
    anyone recog there will be 9800 Ultra?I think Nvidia just messing about now since they have huge sucess of the 8800GTX a year ago.

    Rumor is that the gx2 fills the ultra product area.
  18. Do you guys think we will see a reputable benchmark done on it today?
  19. Well if those results are true, my SLi'd GTXs will eat the 9series for breakfast.
    No changing for me thanks! :D
    Be interesting to see when Nvidia will release cards to the press for testing?
    Papre launch anyone....??
  20. I have to say, NVIDIA is really killing me right now. The benchmark they released yesterday showing crysis scaling nearly linearly really offended me. Its calling everyone who buys and follows NVIDIA products idiots. I love nvidia graphics cards, however, lately they have been slacking on driver updates and product updates. What are they doing? People keep talking about the next generation everytime something comes out. The next generation is right now and we have the same old crap. 8800GTX / Ultra can lay the smack down on any of these cards coming out and those have been available over a year now.

    To add to this problem, i have an X38 Chipset, i can't even go tri/quad SLI and i really dont have any interest in the 780 chipset either, esspecially after the crap they pulled with the 680. I really hope they aren't adopting the AMD marketing strategy here, that would really bum me out.

  21. Paying alot of money for what performance gain?

    LOL, save your money or give it to the poor...
  22. Lol 599$ for 9800GX2 haha thats insane nVIDIA is crazy if they think seling this card for that price :D Just look at the benchmarks 3870X2 is close(or faster) for 430$ :O

    9800GTX is not worth of upgrating and dont even speak about 9800GT=8800GT

    Again 9800GTX cost 359-399$ depending of brand...
  23. Idiots with more money than sense will still rush out to buy it however.
  24. Simply put, buy 2 8800GT's and be done with it, for so much less I might add.
  25. Yeah. I wish they would have put 8800gt sli in their review instead of 9600 sli. Hopefully tom's will have it.
  26. Yeah.. dont get me wrong, its a better performing card than I expected it to be (Thrashes the Ultra) ... and for its price it is around the same as what the last generation's high end was acheiving. Depending on how money is.... I may get one, or I may go for 9800GTX. I dont have an SLi mobo but I like the Crysis FPS there at those resolutions.
  27. yeah... the card is too expensive for justifying it's performance. you could just go tri-xfire and get the same performance for the most part, once the drivers are more sorted
  28. Tri Crossfire will mean more heat and power consumption though, surely?

    Its a great card for anyone with one PCI-Express slot...
  29. pogsnet said:

    Paying alot of money for what performance gain?

    LOL, save your money or give it to the poor...

    We've already seen that the 3DMark benchmarks mean nothing.... the card is beating the X2 hands down in quite alot of games... I think the X2 is still the better bang for buck though.
  30. well really i would have to wait for Tom's to review it then we come to a conclusion.agree?But i gues you guys are same as me have a rough ideas and "hope" for the "monster(cost wise:P)"
  31. i just with everyone why didnt all the website didnt use the 8800GTS512 SLI to compare the difference?An order by Nvidia maybe?lol try to stop the truth(pricing) coming out?
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