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Hello everyone, I have a friend who has a problem. He recently purchased 2 evga 9600 gt's and sli'ed em. Now before he did that I remotly uninstalled the old drivers and he put in the 2 new 6600 gt's. Now in the nvidia control panel i enabled sli and everything was good, or so I thought. Now his computer is crashing, memory errors, desktop errors. so I walked him through everything i could think of and he formated his system. how ever the problems were back. so I disabled sli in the control panel and he removed the one 9600 gt, and it works. so I thought it was a bad card so he swaped them and the other works fine. But the moment they are sli'ed together most times the comp wont boot up. i have tryed offical drivers, older drivers, omeaga drivers. I'm at a loss.

system specs:
xp pro
2 gigs of ram
320 gig harddrive
2 sli'ed evga 9600 gt
ASUS P5N-T Deluxe
intel quad processor
800 wat ps

Please help.
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  1. LoL I love how its always a 'friend' with the hardware problem.

    But anyway... i cant be bothered to read the rest of your post so i'll not be of any help.
  2. Right... are these 9600s overclocked by any chance?

    I cant see why this would be happening. Does that motherboard have a chip on it that enables 1 or 2 VGA card mode? Check that also.

    My Dads SLI Board has a chip (look like laptop ram) and that needs switching round to enable SLi or disable it.
  3. they are not overclocked and there is no switch.
  4. lol the friend this is over used but this time its true, my comp is old but works great.

    xp pro
    amd 64 x2 4600
    800 gigs total space
    amd crosshair
    4 gigs crusial memory (Underclocked)(mem probs)
    geforce 7900 gs
  5. quick off topic question why does it say i joined Tue Jan 01, 1970 its a little off im not that old.
  6. Seriously I have no idea on this one.... Everything sounds fine. There shouldnt be anything wrong that setup if its all stock settings.

    What nforce chipset is on the motherboard? 5, 6 or 7 series?
  7. You did plug the SLI bridge in correct? Should be a small rectangular piece.
  8. yeah that hasnt been mentioned yet! could be the missing link, no pun intended.
  9. lol sli bridge is installed corectly. the chipset is the NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI MCP. or nforce 7 if u just want the number.
  10. Motherboard's dodgy then, if both cards work fine together.

    Any options in the BIOS for enabling SLi?
  11. Have you tried playing about with the PCI-E clock setting in BIOS?
  12. Before you go any further, make suure you have the most recent BIOS for your motherboard. Don't forget to clear the memory and "load defaults" after you flash the new BIOS.
  13. ok ill tell my friend to do that. completly forgot about mobo bios.
  14. my friend doesn't know how to change the pci-e clock plus i wouldn't want to walk him through it. hes not the best at following directions over the phone.
  15. Get him on here...
  16. Oh man, you shoudln't be trying to walk anyone through a bios flash over the phone. If all goes well, then it woudln't be a problem, but if teh flash goes awry (and they do), he'll be mad as hell when you can't 'fix' it over the phone.
  17. no i was going to use the asus flash over remote assiatance.
  18. anyways this problem is moot now his comp wont even boot right now. lol its warranty time now. well thank you everyone for your help.
  19. I told you not to flash over the phone (or remote assistance).
  20. What drivers are you using? 174.12's are about all that will work with those cards.
  21. Im blaming the motherboard... pain in the arse when a mobo dies on you tho!
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