The one card better than the quad sli 9800gx2 ****

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  1. w00t!!!!

    The VooDoo Uber-NASTALGIA Edition :D
  2. It can even SLI now what nvidia?!
  3. My voodoo 2 was the best card in the world!
    Ah... the memories...
  4. Voodoo 1 - The best upgrade of all time. Before 3Dfx came along upgrades were normally limited to a faster CPU (if you were lucky) or more ram neither of which made much difference to how games actually looked.

    When I first plugged in my Voodoo and got it to work it was like all my games had gone under a radical form of plastic surgery they simple looked awesome.
  5. I remember being a 16 year old with no idea whatsoever... i remember plugging in my Voodoo2 and putting the monitor into the wrong port, for months I spent time using onboard graphics without even realising... then the original Alien Vs Predator was released and I realised my PCs setup mistake... and did that game look great in its day :)
  6. Haha, I still have my voodoo2, although I had a chance to trade it for a burner back then, which would have been more useful =)
  7. I still have my Voodoo 3 3000.

    Great memories.
  8. My voodoo3 is still running my server lol
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