Possible reason for GA-P35-DS3L failure?

Hey guys..

About 3 weeks ago, I purchased the GA-P35-DS3L.

For those 3 weeks, everything has been working great. Over the last 2-3 days, my PC started randomly crashing in Vista and then not being able to start up (it would load Windows, and then crash).

So, I thought I had a problem with my memory of HDDs, but after running MemTest86 and various HDD tests, they all came back saying that nothing was wrong. Windows Vista would boot 2 out of the 10 times I'd attempt, and if it booted up, everything worked great until it got the blue screen again (MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error).

So, I rebooted again, and then I saw "BIOS is auto-recovering from HD....................." and it would just loop on that, over and over. After about the 10th time (or so) it finally just wouldn't POST. I tried resetting the BIOS by popping out of the battery, but that didn't change anything.

What would cause this to happen? Just a bad motherboard? Something I may have done to corrupt the BIOS? During the time this happened, I added nothing to the system, nor did I do any tweaking in the BIOS. Everything had been running solid for 2-3 weeks.

Your thoughts would be great. :D
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  1. What's your config?
  2. GA-P35-DS3L (obviously)
    XFX nVidia 8800GT
    Crucial Ballistix 4GB (2xsticks)
    550W Corsair PSU

    I had overclocked my video card, and had my CPU overclocked to 3.6.
  3. Just trying to rule out a few possible problems...
    How did you overclock? Is your memory very overclocked as a result of your OC (IE low multiplier coupled with high clock).
    Did you try resetting CMOS (removing battery, take out power cord, replace)? I know that is a really obvious one, but you didn't mention whether you did it or not.
    What was your FSB with that overclock (shouldn't be the problem since I've seen people with 1900FSB on this board)?
    Anyway, if you haven't tried reseting the settings then do so, overclocked CPUs can cause crashes, overclocked memory can cause memory failure or errors, and overclocked VGA can crash your computer as well.
  4. ^agreed. u didnt mention bout clearing the cmos. trying doing that if u didnt. maybe ur overclock got busted. n running it stock will help.
  5. Well, I said I popped the battery out to clear the BIOS, I meant to say CMOS.

    That didn't fix anything, though. :(
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